20 hours in Leeds and York.. 

We had a free hotel night stay and thought we would venture up north. It was a last minute very short break however worth it….

First stop Leeds: We got to Leeds around 4pm. I checked on park o pedia and there were a few street places to park on a Friday for £1.50 (it’s free from 6pm) or £2 for 4 hours. We parked on Waterloo Street.

We stumbled across a nice coffee shop (Mrs Atha’s )whilst walking to Trinity Centre. I asked the barista if they did flavoured coffee and he said they don’t but their coffee was really good… it was true. The latte I had was smooth and perfectly hand crafted unlike the ones you tend to get in chains. I do love independent coffee shops. They had somebody hot chocolate too which my husband had. 

After having my caffeine fix we ventured out to the shops. Trinity Centre was a nice building though had the standard high street shops.

We went to a couple of the arcades that didn’t look particularly interesting until we came across Cross Arcade. It has the high end chains however they are all beautifully set out. There is a Harvey Nichols in there too.

We went to the market too which is worth going for some history i.e. seeing the first ever Marks and Spencer’s.

Leeds is a pretty town and has good and bad bits like everywhere really. What I like about it is you can get all the shops you want from Primark to Mulberry all within walking distance. Bit like mini London.

For dinner we went to Kendell’s based on what we read online and a recommendation. The restaurant had a warm romantic ambiance. It was full of twinkle lights and candle lit tables. The staff were on point and attentive. We got there before 7 for their 2 course for £19.95 deal.

The starters were great (we had pate and salmon) however the mains were quite disappointing. We had rabbit and pork belly both with dauphinois potatoes. The potatoes were very creamy and didn’t taste baked and both the meats had no flavour to them. The pork belly had a bone in it too which I have never seen.

From dinner we went on to cocktails at The Alchemist on the roof of Trinity Centre. The vibe was brilliant inside. I love a roof top terrace. Just watching the mixologist handle lots of orders and deliver beautiful cocktails was amazing. The cocktails tasted good too.



The next morning we headed to York. I had called Betty’s Tea Room at St Helen Square beforehand and they advised to get there before 11 and so we did.

We had a lovely afternoon tea. I got their scones to take away and they were amazing too.The ambiance inside was warm and welcoming. As we were leaving (about 1145) the queue was out the door and around the corner so I am glad we got up early.

We walked around York- very scenic. There is a lot of history in York and they have kept the architecture really well. The market, the shambles.. all of it was brilliant. I especially loved the Christmas shop (don’t forget to visit the little section upstairs with the cuckoo clocks).

York has a good mixture of shops too. I wish we were there longer to have some Hog Roast and Yorkshire Pudding.

On our way back home we stopped off at York Designer Outlet. This was a disappointment- I was expecting it to be like Cheshire Oaks but it wasn’t. The outlets were mostly highstreet shops and the prices were not competitive. It may have been that we were not in the mood for shopping but we didn’t think it was great. Also normally outlets have a different vibe because they are outdoor but this is all in door.
Happy reading 📖. Hope you enjoyed this blog. 

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