Thrive: Feel Stress Free

Thrive: Feel Stress Free is a self regulated well being app which detects, prevents and helps manage common mental health conditions. The app is confidential and can help you build resilience, prevent and manage stress and anxiety.

It was created by Dr Andres Fonseca, consultant psychiatrist and Dr Adam Huxley, consultant clinical psychologist.

It is a clinically proven app to help you manage your mental health. It can help build resilience, prevent and manage stress, anxiety and other common mental health conditions.

Subscription costs £5.99 per month, £14.99 quarterly or £47.99 so not that expensive considering the benefits.  For a free months trial, download the app and enter code FSFDEC3107.

When you open the app for the first time in the day a Mood Meter shows up.

Based on your mood, you get a recommendation. Your results are tracked and the advise given does get better over time, as your data is tracked.

Feel Stress Free encourages you to think of the positives each day.

After selecting what mood you are in you choose what you are feeling good about. At the end of this exercise you get a little message e.g you cannot predict the future so don’t assume it will all go badly. These are all light hearted but realistic which is what I like.

The app also gives you three Goals each day. One that is an activity within the app, one that is a physical activity and one that is focusing on your health.

You can change the goal you set for each day so it’s more applicable e.g I would never join a choir or band but I would arrange a meet up after work with colleagues.

Relaxation Techniques

The application has a Calm Island feature. Here you can choose from 4 different types of relaxation techniques; Breathing, Meditation, Deep Muscle and Self Suggestion. Some have durations you can choose too so if you only have a short space you can select accordingly. My favourite is Meditation.

You can read up on each of these sections in depth before using the app. There are external links which take you to webpages with more detailed information.

The beauty of this app is that though you get set goals, you are not restricted to just do them. You can opt to go other exercises. E.g if i am on the train, on the quiet carriage i can carry out meditation for 25 minutes instead of calm breathing for 7 minutes.

The key is to try and spend some time on the app every day. Consistency is essential and does pay off.


There is also another part of the app which has three games;  Zen Garden, Zen Challenge and Wise Words.

These games are all fun and the idea behind them is to distract you from feeling anxious, promote mindfulness and relax. There are no time restrictions and they are not set up to get you worked up. They have different levels which you can work through. I am still not sure how to get past some of the levels but again that is just a case of practice and time.

As I said before the app encourages and promotes positivity. It shows beneficial tips like the one below.

Wellbeing Guides

There is a section full of guides which are full tailored to the information you have entered into your mood meter. These will help you understand and support you through situations such as trouble sleeping, money worries, loss of a loved one, weight worries and many more.


This feature within the app is designed to help you keep track of everything you do, you can look back at your good and not-so-good days, see how far you have progressed and remind yourself of the activities that worked best for you.

Message in a Bottle

Every so often you will get a notification for a messaage in the bottle. This bottle sends you a feel good positive message. You can share one with others and it is anonymous. I am not quite sure how sharing it with others helps or how that functionality works.

The app prompts you in the evening via notifications to ask if you have accomplished your goals. This is perfect especfially when you have had a busy day and forgot about the app.

Whilst using the app there is also a prompt which encourages you to leave your details if you want a phone call back from the team. I have not tried this so not sure how it works or who calls you back.

This app is great for anyone who is feeling stressed, anxious or just wants to build resilience.

I wish there was a sleep function on the app. I like putting on the Calm Breathing before I go to nod off. It is really relaxing until you have finish the session and the app starts adding up points for the activity to add to your profile. It would be nice if this part did not have any sound because you could easily fall asleep to the calming music whilst practising your breathing.

You need the internet to sign on but after that you can listen and meditate on aeroplane mode. This stops any phone distractions too.

Overall I really like this app and its functionality. It has been set up in a user friendly manner. It has a lot of information which is really beneficial.

I would recommend this app and you can have a months trial for free using FSFDEC3107

Just download the app and put in this code.

I hope you like it just as much as I do and hope it works for you.

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