Cocoa Amore chocolate workshop

he Cocoa Amore chocolate workshop was a great experience.

The workshop was informal and full of information and fun. We started off with a chocolate cocktail which came as part of our experience. The cocktails were so tasty and perfect to get us ready for some interactive learning.

You normally get a hot drink on arrival and one at the end too.

Duration: 2.5 – 3 hrs Group Size: 2 -10 Price: £45.00 per person

Our tutor/chocolatier was Dan and he made the experience enjoyable.

You start off by learning the history of Cocoa and then the processes of making it. It is an eye opener and makes you realise there is a reason some chocolates are so cheap.

Some information I picked up from the workshop that may be useful to you:

The type and quality of chocolate depends on a few variables. Firstly the type of cocoa bean used. Then the combination of the main ingredients in chocolate which are Cocoa mass/liquor, Cocoa butter, sugar, vanilla and Lecithin (emulsifier).

To this you can add milk for all the milk chocolate varieties. White chocolate obviously has no Cocoa in it but the rest of the ingredients so a lot of fat.

The percentage of dark chocolate that you see on chocolates is based on the ratio of cocoa liquor to cocoa butter.

All chocolatiers like Cocoa Amore import chocolate pieces from different places on the Cocoa belt.

They then use their own recipes to make and temper the different chocolate types. Cocoa Amore use a similar recipe to the Belgium chocolates hence why they are so delicious and smooth.

Cocoa Amore use Luker from Columbia. You can read more about them

During the workshop you get to try and feel the different form or cocoa and taste chocolates from different parts of the world. My favourite was Columbia and worst was Madagascar. Cocoa Amore’s house dark is from Columbia. Dark chocolate actually is not meant to taste so bitter and acidic; it depends on the composition and the way it is made.

You get to make eight truffles and a box of about 16 flavoured chocolates, both of which are well packaged. We used Cocoa Amores’ House Dark (70% Cocoa) and House Milk (40% Cocoa). We also got to take home our left over filling, almond and tonka.

You cannot keep the ones you make for too long due to the environment you make then in and the chocolate temperatures you use. This is an open workshop and not in the conditions that would normally be used for making chocolate. It did not matter because we ate a lot of them and shared them with family the same day so there were none left after three days.

Whilst making the chocolate you can try as much as you want so perfect for chocolate lovers. You pick up great skills on how to make similar treats at home.


Cocoa Amore serve one of the best hot chocolates in Leicester. You get actual chocolate drops to add to your milk and get to add any flavoured chocolate too.

With each hot chocolate you get to pick one of their chocolates.

The shop has an extensive range of chocolates to choose from. It’s definitely worth visiting.

We had 4 people in our class which was perfect. One of the participants was a Vegan and she was catered for too.

The workshop is a great gift idea or a perfect treat for chocolate lovers.

Have you been to a chocolate workshop before?

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