Highlights of places to visit in Kenya

I was born in Kenya but whilst there I never appreciated where I lived and the beauty of the country. We never did many tourist things because then it was expensive for us.

I now live in the UK and have been back a few times. Here are some of my favourite places to go:

  1. Treetops: We never lived that far from here so were lucky enough to visit Treetops a few times. Located in the Aberdare National Park, the Treetops Lodge in Nyeri is built on stilts. It is famous for being the place where Queen Elizabeth II visited as a princess and left as queen. It is located by a water hole and salt lick so perfect place for spotting wildlife. The rooms have buzzers in them which notify guests of any animals. The rooms are cosy and the setting is perfect for that romantic getaway. Another place, with a similar concept to Treetops is The Ark. This is shaped like Noah’s Ark and is a superb location for wildlife to  be seen. Both of these places are not far from each other.
  2. Giraffe Center: You get to feed the giraffes in a natural environment and come very close to them. The center has a lot more to offer including nature trails which are perfect for bird watchers. There is a hotel called Giraffe Manor which I would love to stay in. Here the Giraffes pay you a visit and sometimes poke their head through the windows for some treats.
  3. Elephant Orphanage: The Sheldrick Trust Orphans’ Project exists to offer hope for the future of Kenya’s threatened elephant and rhino populations as they struggle against the threat of poaching for their ivory and horn, and the loss of habitat due to human population pressures and conflict, deforestation and drought. You can visit the little elephants and watch then being fed. It is a great experience especially when you get to stroke the little elephants.
  4. Visit the Trout Tree Restaurant, built in a large Fig Tree and at the bottom of Mount Kenya. The restaurant serves fresh trout from the trout ponds where they breed them. This is a great place to stop for lunch and is a good base if climbing the mountain or going to Nakuru. It definitely is one of the best trout I have ever had; caught fresh and grilled to perfection.  You can stay at their cottages here too. 


  5. Lake Naivasha: A fresh water lake with papyrus-fringed shores. Great for boat rides and spotting hippos & birds. There are great lodges you can stay around the lake.
  6. Lake Bogoria and Lake Nakuru: If you want to see flamingos this is the place to go. Lake Bogoria is famous for its geysers and hot springs. A childhood memory of mine was when we went there for picnics we used to take potatoes and eggs and cook them in the springs.
    The lakes are part of the Rift Valley and on route you come across a few view points. We stopped at a lay by that sold sheepskin hats and rugs at a very good price.
  7. Nairobi National Park : This is a lovely national park where you are likely to see one of the big five. Some animals are in enclosures but they have a lot of space. We were lucky to have an opportunity to take photos with cheetahs here. 


  8. Visit the Maasai Mara: We stayed at Keekorok Lodge however there are other resorts around the Mara. From the food to the entertainment the lodges are well equipped to ensure guests have an excellent stay. 


    Depending on your package you either go with your car/driver out on the Mara or join a group to try to see the big five. If you time it right you may be able to see the wildebeest migration too.

  9. Hot Air Balloon Ride over the Mara: If you can save up for this it is a must; not only do you get to experience a ride on a hot air balloon but you also get to see magnificent views, the sunrise and if you are lucky some wildlife. Our package ended with champagne breakfast on the Mara, in the middle of a bush. The operators are on the watch for any wildlife so you are in safe hands. 


  10. Visit the Kenyan Coast, Mombasa: The white sands, palm trees, warm waters and the great buzz on the coast is very different to what you may experience in other countries. I had many childhood holidays so it is always a special place for me. On our last trip we stayed at Severin Sea Lodge.  A hotel I would recommend. There are however many other fantastic hotels in the area.


    Whilst in Mombasa, if possible visit Fort Jesus for some history. Also visit the Light house to get views of the port and eat some street food. The freshly fried cassava crisps with chilli and salt are just so good with that sweet coconut water.
    A great dinner cruise to try out whilst in Mombasa is the Tamarind Dhow ; I can still taste the lobster we had. The sunset views are amazing and the experience is great.


    If you fancy a change of scenery in the day, pop over to The Mooring for lunch. It’s a floating restaurant and has been around for a very long time. Its a great place to have a chilled out lunch.

The above is just a snapshot of some of my favourite sites. Kenya has so much more to offer including a lot of culture and history.
The service you get in the hotels are of a  high standard; the staff are  there to ensure you have an excellent time.
The food in Kenya is also amazing; if you are a foodie then you will not be disappointed. From the fresh mixed cuisines to the juicy tropical fruit..simply delicious.

If you need more information let me know.

Hope you enjoyed reading my post.


  1. Some of the activities in Kenya you highlighted are just so exotic! I would love to feed a giraffe, or pat a cheetah, or take a hot air balloon ride over the Mara. How does it get better than that? The answer?: Grilled lobster, trout and fresh coconut water! Wow, wow, wow. Amazing experiences. I hope to experience them for myself someday.

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  2. Every time I read about Kenya or Tanzania or South Africa I get the feeling of I must visit this place now! It just looks so good, have been contemplating a visit to Africa to check out the beautiful nature and wildlife, but at the same time just thinking of getting vaccine for this and that for my daughter doesn’t sound fun! It’s a major dilemma! That’s a lovely report btw.

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  3. My mum lived in Kenya when she was a child, she has memories of going to primary school there and being the only white child lol. Is it country I long to travel to, but flights and tour packages are quite expensive, unfortunately. Maybe one day though! X

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  4. I did Serengeti game drive last year, would love to do the Masaai Mara safari. The annual Wildebeest migration here is incredible. Definitely adding Mombasa to my list, the beach sounds lovely!

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  5. i had a short stopover in kenya on the way to Tanzania but would love to come back and try out all the things you mentioned…food looks so amazing…and masai mara i wanted to visit since childhood..have bookmarked this article for future

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  6. Want to!!! Good review of Kenya, for something new to the country as myself. In Kenya, I am mostly interested in African startups, the country plays a big role.


  7. How lucky you are to be from Kenya! It looks like a beautiful country, and I love animals, so just seeing giraffes and flamingos in one place would be like heaven for me! I’ve never tried Kenyan food before, but am intrigued!

    Liked by 1 person

  8. This is a fantastic post Neha! Kenya is one of the few places I have not been but 2019 must involve a Safari I’ve decided. I’ll be adding some of your recs to my list!

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