Blink; the refreshing hydrating eye mist

I am a dry eye sufferer and am always on a look out for ways to soothe and hydrate my eyes. I had a chance to review Blink®, the hydrating eye mist, thanks to Feel Good Contacts.

The spray is a lubricating biocompatible refreshing eye mist for relief from dry-feeling, tired or irritating eyes. It contains sodium hyaluronate which suitable for use with contact lenses too.

After using it for two weeks here are my pros and cons:


  • Convenient and easy to use spray for those who struggle with drops
  • Helps to temporary relieve dry eye symptoms from prolonged computer use and heating. I did find that it was soothing and refreshing every time sprayed it.
  • It is only 10ml so easy to carry with you
  • Unlike other lubricant eyedrops, the mist can be used as many times for that constant hydration. If working in an office environment, in front of a computer, ensuring you use the mist regularly is a good way to take a break from the screen every so often.blink1


  • To use, you have to spray onto the open eye at about10cm from the side of the eye. I found it difficult to target the side of my eye without getting it on the side of my face or hair or even missing my eye all together.
  • If you wear makeup it is not the best mist to have especially when wearing powder based products.
  • The Blink® hydrating mist is for mild dry irritation. Apart from the slight temporary relieve I got, my eyes were still dry.
  • My preference is to have something that I use a twice a day so having a mist that I need to use regularly especially when I travel was not ideal

Though this mist was not suitable for me, it may work for you depending on how dry your eyes are and how comfortable you are with spraying a mist onto the side of your eyes. If you want something that will give you instant, but temporary relief, the Blink® hydrating mist is ideal.

Click this link to view the hydrating mist on Feel Good Contacts webpage: Blink Refreshing Hydrating Eye Mist

Have a look at Feel Good Contacts for more of their eye products. The company stocks a wide range of recognised contact lens brands as well as additional eye care products. They also have a Price Match Guarantee which ensures that their products will not be found cheaper elsewhere.


They are offering 10% discount on first time orders using the code FEELGOODTIME

The delivery from Feel Good Contacts was quick and communication was brilliant. Also the packing was perfect. I got a little packet of Haribos with my order too.

Are you a dry eye sufferer? Let me know if you have tried a similar product or if you have any other suggestions.

Neha x

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