Grillz Steakhouse Takeaway with Supermeal

Supermeal is an online food delivery platform in Birmingham that allows you to place food orders for various cuisines through their website or via their app.

The ordering platform

Supermeal offers a Refer a Friend Program and allows you to get cashback on orders.*Subject to Terms and Conditions*

I used the app to place my order and it was quick, efficient and informative.

You can sort by cuisine type, delivery information or cashback.

What I like about Supermeal is you can pre-order and track you order too. It also flags up if the restaurant is not open.

I placed an order with Grillz Steakhouse on Coventry Road in Birmingham last Saturday. Within a few clicks I selected what I wanted and got a confirmation email.

I collected my order from the restaurant but delivery was available too. You can also eat at the restaurant.

The restaurant was clean and invited. The staff member confirmed my name and order details  before he handed me my takeaway.

The order was packed well in a combination of foil bags and containers. I ordered a mixed platter for 1, Shaktora Grilled Prawns and a portion of Cajun Fries.

The food from Grillz Steak House

The platter came with 1/4 Chicken, 2 Lamb Chops, Wings and a Chicken Steak. It was served with Naan. For £10.95 this was good value for money. Apart from the lamb chops being a bit chewy, the meat was cooked well. The platter was flavoured well and there was a nice variety of meat. The naan was nice and soft too though a bit on the sweet side for me. The portion was generous and could feed two.

The prawns came with a side; I chose garlic naan. The prawns were large and tasty. The naan was soft but lacked garlic flavour. This was one of the restaurants house specials. 

The fries were perfectly cooked and coated with a tasty Cajun Pepper.

The idea of having a tasty takeaway in your own environment is always a winner for me. Sometimes all you need on a Saturday is to chill out, not cook, order a tasty takeaway and watch your favourite TV programs.

Any takeaways planned for this weekend?

Live in Birmingham? Have a look at Supermeal for what they can offer and order your takeaway today. Enjoy!


Neha x

*Supermeal paid for my order*

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