Clean Cut Kitchen

Visited Clean Cut Kitchen  a few weeks to sample their new menu.

The owners wanted a restaurant that offered clean, yet tasty eating for all. They describe it as “Healthy Fast Food” and the concept works.

As well as serving food you can eat in or take away, Clean Cut Kitchen offers a meal prep service. The meals are tailored by their nutritional experts to help you achieve your goals. A perfect idea for those who do not have a lot of time yet want to eat healthy. The food and drinks they sell is great for those training too.

Currently they are based in Nottingham, at the bottom of Derby Road. They are hoping to have two more stores,in the Intu centre, Nottingham and in Birmingham by the end of this year (2018). 

Food: Here is what I sampled on the day..

Chocolate, banana & peanut butter: This breakfast smoothie bowl looked appetising and we were ready to dig in once we had taken sufficient photos. The smoothie had the correct consistency and tasted delicious with the fruit and granola toppings. Definitely one I would have again. The portion size was ideal for a breakfast too. This smoothie did not have any oats (I always assumed you needed this to bulk it up) but was still substantial. 

Chicken Burger : Oat coated firecracker chicken, iceberg lettuce, tomato and spicy tomato sauce in a sweet potato waffle served with a little pot of vibrant salad. Sounds good right?!. Though I found the sweet potato  waffle slightly dry, the owner explained they were vegan so no egg went into them. The chicken inside was however full of flavour and had a little kick to it.
I am going to try coating chicken in oats next time because it gives it a nice crunch yet retains the moisture.

They have a new vegetarian burger too: Vegan mozzarella and quinoa burger, clean slaw, bbq sauce in a sweet potato waffle.

Sweet Treats: I always think healthy yet tasty treats are hard to find however was proven wrong. Clean Cut Kitchen offer a great selection or these treats for those who want to be healthy but need a sweet kick.
I tried some of their Polenta & coconut cream mousse with a mango purée and homemade nutty granola, chocolate protein brownie, orange and vanilla protein donut and chocolate donut.
My favourite was the mousse; the texture was perfect and the combination of flavours worked really well. I could eat this every day.
The orange donut was soft and tasty; hard to imagine that it was baked not fried.
The brownie and chocolate donut both had a nice intense chocolate flavour.
I am used to calorie loaded doughnuts so trying these was a good experience and made me realise what a difference the carbs vs protein makes. It is not easy to get a good protein doughnut but I think Clean Cut Kitchen have got the balance right.

Drinks: The restaurant supports local and offers coffee from 200 Degrees coffee-house.
As well as a perfect latte I enjoyed their Berry Skinny. Strawberry, Raspberry, Cranberry, Blueberry and Acai blended together to form a refreshing tasty drink.


The environment in the restaurant was vibrant and staff were friendly and helpful.
The decor is modern and goes well with the brand.
I like the idea that the restaurant is continuously looking to improve and get the balance correct. It is so refreshing and reassuring.

Have you heard of Clean Cut Kitchen or been to anywhere else that has a similar concept?

Thank you to the team at Clean Cut Kitchen who kindly invited me to sample their food & drink.  

Until next time it is bye from me..

Neha x



  1. Gorgeous photos, Neha! I think you’ve captured the essence of Clean Cut Kitchen very well! I definitely agree on the tasty doughnuts that we tried on the day, I was especially impressed by the orange one! The breakfast smoothie bowl portion was indeed substantial, definitely one that could fill you up all day! Really enjoyed reading your review!

    Abbey 😘

    Liked by 1 person

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