**2019 UPDATE: The restaurant is now closed**

Boneyard is located on Granby Street in Leicester. It is a bar and a restaurant that serves American Asian cuisine. Alongside the great variety of food they do, Boneyard has a wide range of drinks included Processo on tap and a long list of Gin. They also offer cocktail classes.


The restaurant has a casual, relaxed environment and is suitable for larger groups or just for a couple. It has pretty neon lighting around the restaurant which adds to the warm ambience.

Boneyard has changed the layout slightly since they first opened. They have added plant pots in between tables (for more privacy) and now have an environment that caters for a range of customers including those who just want to have a drink at their bar.

I was invited to their press night thanks to Cool as Leicester  to sample their new menu.


Lamb burger: Made with locally sourced lamb, this big burger was layered with two lamb patties, lime slaw, picked onions, melted cheese, bacon and a coriander aioli. Definetaly one to have if you are hungry. The ingredients blended in really well and the burger was tasty. The patties were slightly dry but that may be because we were too busy chatting and eating our starters we did not actually dig into it until about 10 minutes later.

Boneyard Paneer: Cubes of soft paneer with sweet spiced tomatoes and peas. This looked lovely but it was a bit too sweet for a paneer dish. I think the garden peas made the dish sweeter.

Sticky Wings: These were twice fried crispy wings coated in Boneyard Spiked Sauce. They were not spicy but they had their own hot sauce you could add on to give these wings some heat.

I cannot fault boneyard for their portion sizes. They were generous. The food was enjoyable and I would rate it a 7.5/10.


We had the option to have a welcome drink of their Prosecco. I do not like Processo whatever brand it is so the manager kindly sweetened it with some strawberry puree and it went down well.

I had their Oreo milkshake which looked amazing and tasted great.

I am looking forward to paying them a visit soon, especially in the summer when they hoping to open their front windows and have outdoor seating. Just sitting at their bar, sipping some gin & cocktails and watching the world go by is a winner for me.

Thank you to Boneyard Restaurant for having me on your press night. Enjoyed the whole experience.

If you are in the city and want to try out a different type of cuisine and environment, give them a try.

Until next time, cheerio..

Neha x


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