Oscar and Rosie’s

Oscar & Rosie’s serve the tastiest pizza. The restaurant has a unique shabby chic feel with its plant decor, mismatch furniture and paper covered walls. This gives it that warm and relaxed atmosphere which I love.

I had the chance to be part of a Bumble Academy which entailed making pizzas. There were about 18 of us and we were paired up in teams, our team was called Jesus Crust.

Olly from Oscar & Rosie’s did a demonstration to show us how to create a pizza from the dough to the toppings. Clearly he made it look so easy and I was all for it until I started the process. Olly explained that they used semolina when making their dough into pizzas. It gives it that nice crust and helps form the base.

Once we had the demonstration, we had to make our own pizzas…Yes, we attempted to do the whole flip in the air thing too (I was too scared to let my dough go for a spin but it worked out fine in the end).

Below is a photo of my team (KaylieBejal & Amani) actively making dips in our dough to start it the process off.

Once we perfected our round base, the next stage was the tomato sauce and toppings. I made my pizza with cheese, courgettes, peppers, ham hock and some fennel sausage. Oscar & Rosie’s cater for Vegans & Lactose intolerant diets so everyone is a winner.


One of the many tips I picked up from the Academy was the middle of the pizza should have minimal toppings. This will prevent it from caving in when eating that slice.

The pizzas were whisked away as we all eagerly waited for the final results. Our team came third but it did not matter. We were all winners and all dived into our own tasty pizzas.


Everyone of us also received a little Oscar & Rosie’s badge for completed and passing the Academy.


I learnt some great tips on how to get the perfect pizza, including how much sauce to spread & how to have the crust slightly higher than the rest of the pizza.

As well as making pizzas this was a great team building and networking event.

Oscar and Rosie’s make all their sauces from scratch and source their ingredients carefully. They believe in a lot of little details which makes their pizzas winners.

They have a store in Leicester and Nottingham. If you fancy pizza and are in the area give them a try… you will not be disappointed

Thank you to Oscar & Rosie’s,  Jess & Bumble BFF for making this happen.

Cheerio for now..

Neha x


  1. Fab post! This was the most fun I’ve had in a while! All those pizza photos are just making me hungry! Loved all the little snippets of information that we learnt too!


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