200 Degrees

Leicester has some lovely independent coffee stores and a lot of them support local. They all also have their own niche which makes them stand out.

200 Degrees is amongst my go to places for a place to eat and a good coffee . Located on Market Street, the cafe has a glass frontage. The interior has a lot of character to it especially the high ceilings. There is plenty of seating in the cafe and the tables are spaced well so you have some privacy.

East Midlands Blogger, Emmie recently put on a coffee afternoon kindly hosted by 200 Degrees. It was a perfect way to get to know fellow bloggers in the area and network.

At the event we were treated to a hot drink and a great spread to tuck into while we networked including a selection of wraps, brownies and bakewells.

We were lucky to have a Mini Home brewing demonstration too by the brand ambassador. Who knew so much goes into making the perfect cuppa or that water from different regions changes the taste of the coffee due to the mineral composition? It does make sense but it is something I never thought of.

I learnt that 200 Degrees make a lot of their stuff in-house which is brilliant. Also, they have a range of vegan 🌱 and gluten-free items to choose from including their daily fresh soup.

Their breakfast selection is good and their prices are reasonable. Be prepared to be spoilt for choice.

I have been to 200 degrees a few times and one of my favourites is their Ultimate Chocolate Brownie! I also had their Vegan Flapjack recently for breakfast and was impressed especially being a non vegan.

They make the perfect lattes.. the milk ratio and froth level is on point.

For those avid coffee drinkers this is the place to be. 200 Degrees put a lot of care and effort into the way the brew bar and filter coffee is made.

200 Degrees say they are “artisan coffee roasters, proprietors of distinctive coffee shops and unashamedly proud to be coffee geeks “.

I am still teaching my taste buds to like filter coffee rather than sugar filled lattes. Drinking proper coffee that is not bitter and has notes of chocolate or raspberry may be the way forward and this coffee house will enable me to find this.

They have locations in Nottingham, Leicester, Birmingham, Cardiff, Sheffield & Leeds. Pay them a visit and let me know how you get on.

Thank you 200 Degrees for my lovely coffee, cake & sandwich.

Cheerio for now..

Neha x


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