Leicester has a newbie by the Town Hall Square.

Prana is a wholefood 🌱 cafe that serves artisan coffee, healthy sandwiches, salad & cakes. The café caters for gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan diets.


The cafe has a stylish interior with beautiful Victorian coving ceiling. There was almost a zen feel in the café especially with the mellow background music. It is a perfect place to get away for a drink or even somewhere to do some work whilst sipping on some perfectly made coffee (They have USB plug sockets around). 

Staff are welcoming and friendly which adds to the warm ambiance.

There are copper accents around the counter including copper tumblers for your water.

Food & Drink

There was a great selection and I pondered around for about 5 minutes before making a decision. They had freshly prepared salads, sandwiches, granola, smoothies and delicate cakes & pastries available on the day.

I settled for their ginger tea( of course it was loose leaf tea) and an organic hummus with superfood leaves sandwich. 

The sandwich was made with organic ingredients (olive tapenade, hummus, cucumber, red onions, superfood leaves & tomatoes) in brown Vegan bread. It was served with tortilla chips.  It was £5.25 and for the quality of the ingredients I felt that was a reasonable price.  I would have liked a bit more olive tapenade and hummus in the sandwich just to give it that additional taste.


The ginger loose tea was soothing and just what I needed. I helped myself to some water and there is something special about drinking from copper tumblers..i love it.

Their cakes looked scrumptious but I had no room to fit one in. I visited the cafe with Bejal who rated their Vanilla Cupcake as very nice especially as it was eggless! 

Situated right in the city centre I recommend this café. They are soon going to be going healthy shots which I cannot wait to try.

If you manage to pay them a visit let me know how you get on..

Cheerio for now..

Neha x


  1. Isn’t is just a stunning cafe? Leicester really needed something like this in the city centre! The food is absolutely delicious and definitely diminishes all my misconceptions of vegan food!


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