Chaiiwala is expanding pretty fast and is one you need to try for a quick bite to eat and that perfect Karak Chai.

I must admit my first ever experience at their Evington store was really bad; we actually left because we never got served and did not get that welcoming feel.

Since then Chaiiwala have opened a store in the city centre on Granby Street and one on the Golden Mile, Melton Road in Leicester. Their new stores have a modern interior and are much more welcoming.

You can eat in, takeaway or have your food delivered (from the Melton Road store) with Owlgetit 

I love their concept of selling classic dishes and serving the best Chai, they call the “Sip of the East” .

I went to visit with my parents to the Melton Road store and for £14 we had a good meal for 4 people.

The menu is simple and not overcrowded with a lot of options which is very common with Indian cafes.

Food & Drink

All their food is well presented and served on Indian newspaper prints; simple yet effective

Bombay Sandwich: A perfectly toasted sandwich with cheese and spiced potatoes served with a spicy ketchup. Simple yet so effective.

Chilli Paneer: The paneer looks really good and came in a cone. There was a lot for the price. I would have liked it to have more spice. It tasted more sweet and the paneer was over cooked. Still not bad for

Masala Chips: These looked appetising in their cone display. They tasted the same as the paneer which was a bit dissapointing. The flavours still worked well with the chips but next time I would probably have one or the other.

Desi Breakfast: The breakfast comes with an omelette, karak chai, masala beans or dhal and toast or rotli- Yummy! Would definitely have this again. For £4.50 you can’t go wrong. We had masala beans and rotli. The rotli was fresh and just melted in your mouth. The omelette was slightly seasoned and perfectly cooked.

The tea was strong, milky, sweet and had the warmth of cardamom…just like it should be.

Rose Falooda: My husband and I always have to order one of these in an Indian restaurant. If you have a sweeth tooth it is the best drink to have. Rose flavoured milk with vermicelli, jelly & basil seeds. This tasted just as good and it looked.

Do you like finding places that area great value for money? This is one of them.

Yes, I could probably go and find a similar place in the area that had better tasting food but I would be paying a lot more.

Until next time…

Neha x


  1. Do love a chaiiwalas! It’s such a great concept and fantastic value for money! It’s great to pop into for a quick snack any time of day. I think my favourites the desi breakfast as it just st incorporates so much!

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