What luxury travel means to me

This month we’re thinking all things opulent – what are your travel luxuries? The whole shebang, ephemeral moments that you’ll always treasure or perhaps something in-between?

If money was no object luxury may have been 5 star hotels, 1st class travels, gourmet dinners with the finest champagne and cocktails, exclusive VIP entrances, luxurious spa breaks, personal chauffeurs and private tours.

sipping cocktails marina bay

However, that’s my dream world and the reality is I work hard and save money to see the world with my hubby. Being able to travel now is a luxury on its own especially as I have grown to learn the value for money over the years.

We try and get a few breaks a year (both UK and abroad) and whilst away experience the local culture & cuisine. My husband is part of a car group now and are lucky to have some amazing breaks in lovely U.K.

In order to go on our breaks, I always search and search again for the best deal. Yes we could just find a holiday and book it but where is the fun in that? Every penny counts right? The savings enable us to have more spending money and visit more destinations.


I must admit I have never travelled on Ryan Air but I have been on many other budget airlines. I do try and get the most direct flight when travelling abroad. Lucky for me I am only 4ft 11″ so the economy seat has enough room and with most flights I get a few hours of sleep so I am refreshed at the other end. I tend not to drink alcohol before a flight just so I dont need to get up and use the toilets however, if someone made a smashing cocktail for me I would not say no.

When it comes to accommodation, anything with over 80% good rating is fine for us.


I do love boutique hotels because they offer a more personal service but sometimes when there is a great hotel opportunity I take it. Whilst in Kuala Lumpar we stayed at Shangri La: I am almost 99% sure the one in Kuala Lumpar is the cheapest (£95 bed and breakfast) and was great because we could explore the town from there. The hotel had a great lounge with beautiful floral displays, a lovely courtyard, swimming pool with scenic views, friendly staff that made us feel welcome and the best breakfast spread I have ever seen.



I have tried a couple of Airbnb’s and cannot fault them for location and the local knowledge you get from the hosts. They are perfect for city breaks where you spend little time in your room.

As the years have gone I have learnt that sometimes the best way to make memorable different experiences every time we go to another country is try and go where the locals go and try not to be a victim of tourist traps. This is a luxury on its own because you get to appreciate life a bit more and learn great lessons.

Favourite holiday destinations

I imagine being on an exclusive island with white sands & blue waters sipping cocktails as luxurious but I know I could not stay more than a couple of days.. I literally do have ants in my pants.
Luxury for me is therefore having a good balance and that is why Waikiki in Hawaii is one of our favourite destinations.

waikiki hawaii


There is so much to do in Hawaii and it is not that expensive. Taxes are less than America and the Polynesian culture is great. The beaches are gorgeous and there are a variety of hotels that have the same view. You can island hop if you want too; we went to see the Volcano in Big Island but our favourite one is Oahu.

big island volcano



We stayed at the Hilton when we went for our honeymoon and have since stayed in Outrigger and went back to see the sights of the TV show “Lost” (we managed to get hotel & accommodation for £1300).

sandy beaches with blue waters


Our second best experience was the Nordic experience; its not everyday you get to stay in an ice hotel that is purposely built every year and then melts away or go hunting for Northern Lights. We stayed in the 27th hotel.

ice hotel


In the UK we went on a driving holiday to Pitlochry; this was a great experience which we would not have done if my husband was not part of his car club. Like minded car enthusiasts got together and did some amazing routes in Scotland including where 007 was filmed. This I think was luxury in its own way because we got to see some untouched sights.

scotland pitlochry

Food etc

Being a big foodie I want something that has flavour and if possible is locally made. I feel you get two extremes.. either really cheap local eats or fine dining restaurants that serve good local cuisine but you pay for the experience. We have less of the latter when abroad because we tend to spend more on excursions.
A good example is the crab we had in Singapore in a little shop or in a little village in South Goa (Assolna). The crab would have costs three times if we ate in a nice restaurant but we would not have had the same vibrant experience. Also the flavours were so good and getting all messy did not matter.
I remember when we went to Thailand my friend took us to a restaurant that had great reviews online. We had the papaya salad there and then had it at the local market. The one at the restaurant was well presented but the one in the market tasted authentic.

WP_20140918_23_17_13_Pro (1) (1) (1) (1) (1)

garlic crabs

I love a good cocktail; I just cannot seem to get the taste of wine so when away I love to try all things different and local. Having a good cocktail with great views and good company is always a luxury right?


Until about a year ago we had Barclays premier lounge passes; being able to start and end your trip in a lounge is a great treat. A place to have unlimited food, wifi and a quiet spots to relax before take off. We do miss it now and would pay if we had long layovers and the facilities were excellent like in Singapore and Dubai.

Luxury has a wide spectrum that varies for everyone. Just being able to travel, eat out, enjoy beautiful views, soak up culture and make memories with those I care about is a luxury for me at the moment. I believe you have to be in your comfort zone to make great memories.
I would like to experience a day or two on “how the other half live” however I do not know if I would be too stressed about trying to fit in or too busy taking photos rather than enjoying myself? (I will update you if that ever happens 🙂 ).

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Until next time its bye from me..

Neha x


  1. Couldn’t agree with you more. I love flashpacking at boutique hotels and lovely places to remember forever. Yes, have to save money as well for the same. Plus I am a foodie. Travel eventually becomes a luxury.

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  2. You are 100% right that everyone has a different definition of luxury. For some it could be that nothing goes wrong during a family vacation for once. Or that you don’t have to plan any of it. For us, luxury is all about the experiences we have while on vacation. We will definitely pay less on a discount airline to be able to splurge more in the end.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. You’re so right about luxury being different to everyone and we all have our little things that we want during our trips. I must admit, some amazing and crazy destinations! Seeing the Northern Lights is high on my bucket list, I want to go Iceland for that. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I agree with your notion of luxury…it’s basically the best we can justify. 🙂 We are not foodies, so we save a little money there. We love staying in VRBO’s! I’ll take function over glamour any day. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Some amazing destinations! Seeing the Northern Lights is high on my bucket list, want to go Iceland for that.

    You’re so right about luxury being different to everyone else, was saying to Bejal that luxury to me at the moment would be getting a any break offering me a lie-in without small people waking me up! 🤣

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Great tips regarding your idea of luxury and I do agree with your comment about here being no fun when you don’t shop around for deals etc. I would love to go to Hawaii but have just never got around to it yet!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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