Buckt is the UK’s only ticket& activities subscription box. Every month you get 5 mystery things to do in your region. Instead of scrolling through your phone on what to do at the weekend, subscribe to Buckt (yes you read correctly a lot of the activities you can carry out at the weekend).

There is a step by step guide inside the booklet on how to book each item. Some activities you just have to call up the venue and others you need to fill in a form. The team is very quick at getting back to you and stick to the time scales provided if you get stuck at any point.

My activities in the June booklet for Birmingham included the following:

  1. Mocking Bird Cinema
  2. Club Individual £20 Gift Card
  3. Guitar/Piano class
  4. Rage at Grange Live Gaming
  5. Meditation at Kadampa Meditation Centre

Mocking Bird Cinema

Mockingbird cinema interior

Tucked away in custard factory in Digbeth this quaint independent cinema is one to visit. It has a cosy and welcoming feel. You can book new releases here but bear in mind it is a small independent cinema so they are not going to have so many showings. This is something that I quite liked.

It is attached to a restaurant which is supposed to serve amazing food including their Burgers.

Mocking bird cinema booking office

The cinema is relaxed so you can take in your food and drink if you wish. Whilst we were there a group of ladies came in, one with her baby who slept the whole way through. (Brilliant idea though not too sure what would have happened if the baby woke up)Buckt watching Tully

We went to watch Tully and thoroughly enjoyed it. Once we chose the movie we wanted we just followed the instructions on the Buckt book. We put down our four preferences I.e. movie and time. We managed to get our first one. On arrival at the cinema we just needed to show the email confirmation.

Club Individual

As part of the booklet I got £20 loaded onto a club individual card which I could redeem against food at various restaurants in the group. Club Individual is an exclusive members loyalty club offering a wide range of perks at Individual Restaurants across the nation.Club Individual card

Getting registered and set up was easy and I was able to collect my pre-loaded card from the restaurant of our choice, Piccolino Birmingham.

Bramble cocktail

Crab ravioli Duck from piccolino

Set in Brindley Place this lovely Italian restaurant is one many have recommended to me in the past. The ambiance is warm, staff are friendly, food is tasty and cocktails are great. I have been twice now, second time with my parents and they enjoyed it too.  I didn’t have the best experience with service the first time but I gave the restaurant another chance. (Click here to read about my experience on Instagram)

Unless you go for the Early Bird Menu, the meal can get expensive depending on what you order so £20 off was perfect and if you have a Duo box you can go twice. ** Only one card per table*

Music Lesson at Guitar Lessons Birmingham

Buckt with Guitar A board

Music is a great way to make people come together. I could choose either Guitar Lessons Birmingham or Birmingham Music School. The availability and venue suited me better at the Guitar Lessons Birmingham in Jewellery Quarters so I booked my session. In addition to guitar you can have drum classes too.Guitar wall

As part of Buckt I got 2 free one to one classes, each 30 minutes long. The instructor Joseph trained me in a professional manner and was friendly.

I have never played the guitar before and was intrigued and excited. This is what I like about Buckt- you have a variety to choose from and you learn things you would never normally try.
Me playing the guitar

I learnt the chords (Elephants And Donkeys Grow Big Years) and then went on to play a bit of Free – All Right Now on an Electric Guitar. I was impressed with myself and maybe in the future will invest in a guitar.

Rage Room at Grange Live Gaming

Grange Live front desk

I was unsure about this one after watching the Channel 4 clip online. If you are thinking of going ignore that clip. Rage Room is based at the Grange Live Gaming venue. I never knew the place existed and now I cannot stop telling people about it because it is an awesome day out for those who like a bit of activity.

The idea was to destroy the set of breakable items available to us within 30 minutes.Rage room bats

Hannah took Kev and I through to the room after we got into some overalls and explained what it was about. She showed us how to hold the bats and how we have to hit the items to ensure we are not straining our muscles yet having maximum impact on the items we are smashing. We both also got protective full face masks and gloves.

The first Rage Room was opened in Japan in 2008. The idea being a venue to offer visitors an easy and entertaining opportunity for releasing your frustration or just to have a good time.

Smashing a monitor at Rage

The activity is fun and an enjoyable activity. It is quite competitive when it comes to who can smash a keyboard quickest (me of course though Kev reckons he had a bad back).Kev smashing a keyboard at Rage

We started with smashing glass bottles onto a wall (such a brilliant feeling), then attempting a Keyboard and a Monitor. We had the deluxe package which included 10 small, 3 medium and 1 large item,

You can trade your items (i.e. trade a keyboard for bottles) and buy more – it’s very flexible.Getting ready to smash a bottle

Nothing gets wasted at the Rage Room; they get items from a recycling firm that cannot use them, these are then smashed and passed onto another recycling firm. Everyone is a winner.

You cannot take you own items for health and safety. You can bring your own music to play in the room to get you in the mood. My husband chose Prodigy ( as you do!)

The staff are highly trained and Hannah was there through out.

I thoroughly enjoyed it and all my videos had me smiling whilst bashing a monitor. Grange Living is a perfect venue for stags, hens, team building or just a good day out. I cannot wait to try out Hado which is launching in August.

Kadampa Meditation Centre Birmingham

Buckt with meditation centre sign

The Centre is for Meditation and Modern Buddism. Based in the city centre, by the Cube and Mailbox, it a non-profit organisation that is loved by many in the area especially professionals with stressful job. It is run by volunteers and dedicated students. Despite being in the city the Centre is quiet and has a calm feel to it.Meditation room

The centre is open to everybody, regardless of belief or background. It is open 7 days a week and have many classes on offer ranging from destressing meditation to learning about Buddhism techniques. Kadampa also sells a range of books on relevant topics.Meditation booklets

We went for the drop – in class on a Sunday. It included a guided meditation and practical talk about integrating positive insights into daily life. There was also a bit on mindfulness, a subject I always enjoy. The class was suitable for any level and after we had some tea and biscuits in the lobby area.

Meditation room

Gen Kelsang Leksang was our teacher. She delivered the 1hr 15mins session in a joyful manner that kept up focused. At the end, we felt at ease and left with a positive mindset. It is something I will pursue because I feel it needs practice.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

As you can tell the activities are varied which is what I love about Buckt. There is something for everyone. Gone are the days where you spend hours planning on what to do or even do the same thing. At all the venues I did not feel pushed nor did I feel that they wanted me to go in to add me onto to their marketing list. I was just like a normal customer.

6 weeks is plenty of time to do 5 activities. If you work out the savings it’s even better:

  • Meditation: £7 x 2
  • Rage: £20 x 2
  • Club Individual £20 x 2
  • Cinema: £5 X 2
  • Guitar Lessons £10 x 2

It would have cost £84 for two of us to do all the activities… far much more than the cost of the Buckt Duo booklet.

Based on a Duo Box which would cost £25 the savings are great and if you use code MOSTLYFOODANDTRAVEL at the checkout you will get your first booklet for £12.50 – Now that is a bargain.  Go on give them a try! You will not regret it.

**All opinions are my own. Buckt provided me with a complimentary Duo Box**. 

Hope you enjoyed the read. If you have any questions drop me a line..

Cheerio for now!

Neha x


  1. These activities really do sound great! I’d definitely consider trying this kind of thing if it were available in an area that I lived and if I stayed in one place long enough 🙂


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