Spirits Bar, Leicester

Adding to the lovely St Martin’s area of Leicester is a new bar;  Spirits Bar.

Graffiti wall

Previously Cellini’s, Spirits Bar have transformed the interior into a funky bar with medieval light fittings, a lit wall and an epic angel feature behind the bar.

Lit wall with bar stools

The decor is eye-catching and Instagram friendly. Their passage to the toilets also has a perfect graffiti wall! With seating ranging from a booth to bar stools it’s perfect for any occasion.

Booth seating

Copper Walls Gothic mirro

I was invited along to the launch on 17/6/18.

Dan, the owner saw a gap in the market; having an Escape Room, Escape Asylum attached to a bar in a central location. After a competitive and thrilling experience in the rooms, you always need a drink to calm your nerves.

After a Processo reception, we were then introduced to their feature cocktail Phobia; 5 very different shorts:

  1. passion fruit liqueur with lemon foam on top
  2. tequila sour with sweet caviar balls
  3. cherry and bitter/sweet vermouth with an edible vanilla+white chocolate eye
  4. bitter orange aperol base with sweet lime & rum suspension and sweet caviar
  5. cinnamon and apple with sweet vanilla over-proof on top

Phobia shorts


At £13  this tray of shorts is a perfect sharing one. My favourite was the 5th one. I tried the white chocolate eye too and that was nice.

The staff have worked hard to put together perfectly created cocktails. The bar tenders Dave and Jethor are cocktail pros with great attention to detail and that clearly shows in their creations.

Bar tender attention to detail

All the staff at the bar are upbeat and create a great atmosphere. Adena who oversees their social media and who organised the event was brilliant and the General Manager Dave is always so welcoming.

After watching the Phobia being made and trying bits of each short we had a chance to try one of their other cocktails. I went for the Ying and Yang. Made with a creamy balance of white and dark chocolate Mozart Liqueur (this cocktail was perfectly created by Jethor).

Ying Yang Cocktail

My friend went for the Cherry Bakewell and it sure was a sweet delight. Others drinks that were enjoyed were Mango Chilli Margarita, Bitter Orange Mojito, Cucumber and Rosemary Gimlet & Bajan Rum Punch..sounds good right?

On my first visit to the bar my friend and I tried the Ritual. If you like to sip on your drinks then this is the one for you. Check out my Instagram square for more information on how this was made.

Gin being boiled

We were taken for a tour of the Escape Asylum. I cannot wait to have a go. Whilst building the underground rooms the builders stumbled across photos dating back to 100’s of year old which are now at Leicester Museum. The rooms include one for King Richard III (very apt for Leicester) so you can only imagine what the rest would be like (spooky!).

Ouiji board

We rounded the afternoon with networking and taking some more photos of the venue. I don’t think you can ever have enough. It is just so preety!

Lit feature wall with skull decor

It is a bar I would recommend for that quiet night or that “out out” night. I have been a about 3 times and never had a bad experience.

Cheerio for now..

Neha x

Thank you for having me Spirits Bar and treating me to some great cocktails. Look forward to more experiences at the venue.







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