Heavenly Desserts

I went along to the launch of Heavenly Dessert in Loughborough with other East Midlands Bloggers on 16/06/2018.

The event started at noon. Nicky Morgan opened the venue and press were on the ready. Entrance with owners

There were about 50 people queuing for their free dessert and it was a lively launch.

The venue was full and I was unsure how they would cope with the busy trade on their opening but it was handled well and we were served in turn.


The store had a modern and clean look. With seating ranging from booths to tables, it definitely did have a fancy feel to it. I think that is the norm for many dessert parlours.


Interior seats

We had a booth reserved for bloggers; it was very cosy but 7 of us managed to squeeze in.

The manager who sat us down did ask us to bear with them because everyone would be ordering at once. (Always appreciate being prewarned because you then know what to expect).

As well as selling desserts, you can buy a selection of gifts from Heavenly Desserts including chocolates and teas.


The menu is extensive and can be a bit overwhelming if you are indecisive like me. I have been to one of their other stores and you are very spoilt for choice.
One of the bloggers was gluten-free and it was nice to see they had a whole page dedicated to that.

Gluten freeMenu

The smell of the fresh waffles helped me decide what I was having (Yes you guessed… I went for waffles and I chose Belgium over American just because they were smaller). I picked the Guilty Indulgence which was served with scarlet strawberries and smothered in Belgian milk chocolate.

Belgium waffle with strawberries

The waffle was soft and perfect. Don’t think I have eaten a dessert for lunch before but it just melted in my mouth and I polished the off.

Kev (my husband) picked the double chocolate cookie dough. It lasted 2 minutes which is a good sign.
All the hot desserts were served with Stracciatella gelato and a little pot full of whipped cream.

Double choc cookie dough

Our desserts were brought within a reasonable period. Considering they were busy the turnaround was quick and they were ready for business. This was my experience however a couple of other bloggers had issues with their order and did not have the same experience.

As well as having their hot desserts you can tuck into some of their cakes (like the chocolate truffle torte below) and milkshakes. There is something for everyone. Milkshake and ice cream

Chocolate Truffle Torte

Desserts average at £6 which may sound expensive but that is the going rate at many dessert parlours at present.


So, what do you fancy for dessert?

Until next time, Cheerio…

Neha x

Thank you to Heavenly Desserts for the complementary desserts. All views are my own.

Double choc cookie dough
Milkshake and ice cream


  1. Gutted I missed out on this event, as much as I’m not a dessert person I do like a good waffle! I’ve been to Heavenly Desserts in Leicester and it was fab, I had a dessert called ‘I’ll have what he’s having!’ x

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  2. This place looks amazing! I would not be allowed to enter before the summer ends though, as I want to look good in my new bikini haha I will wait until winter, when I can hide all the desserts under baggy jumpers 😉

    Liked by 2 people

  3. I have been to Leicester Heavenly Desserts branch a couple of times (my boyfriend LOVES it there) and I get waffles every single time! Like you say, they really do melt in the mouth! I really like the decor in the stores, it feels quite luxurious in there!

    Abbey x

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