First Holiday As A Couple

The August topic is Romance & Love. It could be a person, a view, the aroma of coffee or a cheeky liaison.

I always remember my first holiday with my husband was our honeymoon.

Things have changed since in terms of the Indian traditional way of thinking and parents are more open to let their daughters and partner go on holiday before getting married. The thought of asking my parents would not have even crossed my mind when I met Kev (my husband) even though it was a love marriage.

I am glad my parents were strict about this (they are modern however have values I respect) because this meant our first holiday as husband and wife was a special one, full of Romance and Love. It was the holiday Kev saved for and splashed out on to ensure we had a special one ( before we had the joint accounts and everything came out of one pot).View of Oahu from diamond head

If you have read some of my previous travel posts you may have got a feel for the types of holiday we like; nothing too secluded and a mixture of relaxing and adventure.

Smiling after paragliding

Our destination was America, and this was my first time to the continent which made it even more exciting.

We started with a trip to Los Angeles, then went onto Hawaii followed by Las Vegas. A good varied range for us. We did the whole Beverley Hills tour, visited Universal Studios, shopped until we dropped, had the Helicopter ride to the canyon, gambled, relaxed in Oahu, had a ride in a Submarine and went to Kualoa Ranch. I got get this warm fuzzy feeling when I think about all the experiences we shared .

Travelling long haul can sometime be stressful but it was exciting for both of us. Kev making sure my belt was always done and ensuring the sick bag was to hand (this has now improved but I did used to suffer a lot). It does sound a bit cringe, but it was sweet. We were almost looking after each other while we explored the big wide world as husband and wife.

At all the destinations I remember being greeted with warm welcomes and lots of “Congratulations” with the kind gestures of free upgrades along with beautifully super sized decorated beds. I almost expect it every time now but of course that rarely happens unless we are paying for it.
On our honeymoon we lost a lot of our photos ( we didn’t realised keeping the hotel cards so close to the camera was a problem). It is a lesson we learnt and though we don’t have those photos we have the memories which we will always treasure.

On holiday I learnt that Kev has a bit of OCD and checks for passport, phone & keys on a regular basis (like those memes you see) so I always knew we would be just fine plus it was one less thing for me to worry about.

First holidays as a couple are always special and romantic. I think it’s all the adrenaline that makes it a hit and gives it all the love. Do you agree?

We have since been on several trips to different countries and they have all been romantic and adventurous however our honeymoon (especially Hawaii) still holds a soft spot in my heart. On our second visit there we reminisced about the romance filled holiday we had.

Cheesy photo with a surf board

With the help of social media (and Hawaii Five 0) we are already making a list of where we would like to go the next time we make a trip to the beautiful islands.

It is so nice to have the perfect travelling partner who sees the world just like you do.

If you are married was your honeymoon your first trip with your partner? Or was your first holiday with your partner a special getaway?

Until next time it is bye from me..

Neha xx

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  1. Such a cute, romantic honeymoon, Neha. So glad that you brought back all those lovely memories. They will serve you for a long time. Good to know about the hotel key card fiasco. I will keep it far away from my camera in the future. Wish you two a long and happy married life.


  2. As an American, it’s interesting to read other people’s view of taking a trip here. As for being a couple, I can’t imagine marrying someone that I haven’t traveled with previously. Everyone should be required to take a trip together before getting married, I think!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. This first holiday away sounds so romantic and so it should be! You definitely learn a lot about a person when you go away with them for the first time don’t you? Looks lforward to following many more of yours and Kevin hols in the future 😀


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