The Fish and The Chip

Located off Jubilee Square, this was the previous home to Maiyango, the restaurant.

Bit of History

The Fish & The Chip came about as there was a gap in the market for a more informal style restaurant focussing on gluten free, vegan and fish as the main stars of the show! All their sauces are homemade except the tomato ketchup and brown sauce on the tables (however they are Vegan).

It’s taken them a year to reach this point, but they finally have a menu with interesting flavour combinations with some of the ideas they set out to achieve. The owner said it is an exciting time and I am excited about it too.

Peach and Teal interior

I must admit the first time I went there after it changed from Maiyango I did not quite understand why because I was a big fan of Maiyango. That perception changed quickly once I got the whole concept and I tucked into the best soft-shell crab slider I have ever tried (sadly this is no longer on the menu).

The restaurant has a seaside feel and a peachy & blue colour theme. The back wall is dedicated to picture frames with the British seaside towns which made me realise I have a lot to see yet.

Pretty interior of the restaurant with mermaid

The restaurant did a Vegan takeover not long ago and it went down a treat. Their new menu now incorporates Vegan and Gluten Free dishes. The menu doesn’t have any meat dishes, so you know there won’t be any mixing of hands going on.


On our recent visit we were going to go straight for mains because I knew from experience they have good portion sizes. Aatin however tempted us into trying the Nacho Prawns and I am glad we went with the recommendation because they were just so delicious. It’s not like your ordinary nachos; imagine a flavoured prawn that has been made into a nacho with all the extras on top! They have a vegan version as well that apparently was a big seller.

Starter of prawn nachosimg_8905

It was like nothing I have tried before and not the nachos you would think about. The garlic and chilli prawns had a crispy shell that was perfectly fried, and they were topped with black bean salsa, smashed avocado, Red Leicester cheese and pickled chillies.

For mains I went for be Korean Burger. This is one for spice lovers. Battered haddock with kimchi, gochyang sauce, asian miso slaw, spring onions, tomatoes & fresh chillies all packed into a seeded bun and topped with a charred lemon! It was perfectly presented on a wooden board and tasted just as good as it looked. The flavours were all dancing around my mouth.

Korean burger

Kev went for the Jerk Marinade Fish & Chips. You see it is #morethanyouraveragechippy. A good-sized haddock covered in jerk batter served with home cooked fries and lemon aioli. This dish also comes with mushy peas, however Kev is not a fan so swapped it for their curry sauce. It worked well to have the jerk marinade on the fish and gave it that nice kick and taste. I tried the curry sauce and wow it was full of flavour too.

Jerk fish


In addition to their varied food menu and in line with their trending hashtag #morethanyouraveragechippy, The Fish & The Chip has an array of funky cocktails and mocktails to enjoy. They also offer cocktail classes. I enjoyed their passion fruit virgin mojito. Look at the flavoured passionfruit lolly that comes with it; cool right?

They have a fancy bar wall too for that Instagram photo of course.

The bar wall

What I like about The Fish & The Chip is it has a suitable environment for all ages and occasions. It has a good menu and caters for Vegan & Gluten Free diets.

The restaurant has been growing and they have a few new ideas in the pipeline which I cannot wait for. In the meantime, I would recommend them for lunch, dinner or just a drink and snack if you are in Leicester.

The prices are competitive, portions are a good size, the food and drinks are enjoyable and service is great too. What more can you ask for?

Until next time, Cherio

Neha x


  1. Have not been to Maiyango (the soft shell crab slider sounds delicious) – the new concept is right on trend there are so many people nowadays on gluten-free & vegan diets so I am sure it is going to be a success!

    Miriam x

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