High Adrenaline Buckt Adventures

Rainy days do not need to be boring anymore especially with the selection of indoor activities Buckt offer in their monthly subscription booklets.

August Buckt booklets

From my August Buckt booklet, two of my favourite activities were the

Go Karting

Simon, one of the owners of the Full Throttle Raceway managed to slot us in on a grey Saturday afternoon. I spoke to him on the phone a couple of times and he was friendly and accommodating.

Full Throttle has an indoor 300m race track, 200cc British-made Senior Biz karts and one of the largest flyovers the country has to offer. It also has the chicanes, hairpins and mini-straights that are needed for that perfect race track.

There is a viewing platform too ,which gives you a panoramic view of the track.

Once we were given our overalls, we got guided to the briefing room to watch the safety video. We then went down to the race track and got our helmets and gloves. There were 6 of us in the 2pm slot.

Being 4ft 11” I would have liked an extra bumper seat (there was already one on already) though I saw kids shorter than me going around the track perfectly fine (maybe I don’t have the correct tactic and need to practice).  I had to keep reminding myself that I would not crash if I go fast – these karts are designed to manoeuvre and brake quickly.

Kev was in his element and I think he lapped me about three times. I blame my kart!Me all kitted out for go karting

At the end of 25 laps we got our results. Let’s not go into that bit!

The race track was busy and there was a great buzz. Definitely one for those “racers”.

I have been go karting before and though I am not the best at it I really enjoy it. It’s a great way of getting your competitive side out and letting off some steam.

Laser Tag

I had never done laser tag before so was excited when this showed up on my Buckt booklet.

Based in Acocks Green, this is a popular place for birthday parties or team building events and is suitable for over 7 year olds.

The actual venue looks run down from the outside but don’t let this put you off. The laser “room” has a perfect set up with catwalks, mazes, swirling fog, music and lights.

After the briefing we were guided to the hallway of the “game” where we were kitted out with a futuristic body pack that carries a the laser gun and pack.

We were shown where to zap and the points system was explained. You score points when you zap your opponents in the correct spots but lose points when they zap you. You have up to 20 minute sessions to complete the challenge and the scores are displayed on monitors at the end of the game in the main reception.

There were clearly some who had been before; they had tactics and worked as a group to zap away individuals from all angles. Initially I did have a bit of a melt down “this is not fair” situation but I learnt to play the game too.

I would definitely go back. It was a fun activity and got my heart racing.

Buckt value for money

If you have read my other post on the Buckt booklets, you will know that they offer booklets full of activities which are good value for money. For the two activities above, two of us would have paid almost £40 if we booked directly. What I also like about the scheme is that you carry out the activities at peak times too – you just need to book in advance.

The prices & savings

Full Throttle: Normally this would have cost £20 for two for 10 minutes. (Prices start at £10 off peak for 10 minutes).

Laser Quest: This is priced at £19.95  for two on a weekend. (Prices from 4.50 on a weekday for a single game)

The booklet subscription costs £25 a month for a duo. On just the two out of five activities we did,  we saved £14.95 between us. This saving increases the more activities you carry out.

As a reader,  if you use code MOSTLYFOODANDTRAVEL at the checkout you will get your first booklet for £12.50 – Now that is a bargain!

Until next time Cheerio..

Neha x


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