Tim Horton’s Birmingham, UK

Tim Horton’s is a well-loved Canadian brand. It is slowly making its way all over the U.K. They opened their first Midlands branch on the 22nd of November in Birmingham and I was invited to the launch.


Here is a bit of history about the brand.

1964: Tim Horton, a National Hockey League Legend, opened the first store in Hamilton, Ontario Canada.

1981: They created Muffins and cookies to dunk into their coffee.

1997: Flavoured lattes were introduced

2017: The First Tim Horton’s branch was opened in the U.K.

The Brand:

There are over 3600 is Canada  and 8 out of 10 cups of coffee purchased per day are by Tim Horton.

“Every business needs a Unique Selling Point and Tim Horton’s is fresh produce that is hand finished. Nothing is bought in” . This is what Gopi the Chief Operating Officer told me on the night. The bakers in the Birmingham site are there at 4am to start their baking.

Tim Horton’s not only sells their five “Hall of Fame items”, it also had a variety of savoury  food. This includes sandwiches that can be customised because they are made from scratch.

Tim Horton’s Hall of Fame includes the following: Brewed Coffee, Timbits, Donuts, French Vanilla & Iced Capp.

This USP is great and the only pre-packed items you get in store are the bottled cold drinks.

The Launch:

I walked into a warm cafe that had friendly welcoming staff. There is ample seating in the cafe and there is a cosy feel about it.

I met my fellow Brum Blogger Khush from TheKhushylife and after taking a few photos  we placed an order for our food. On the evening we could have any drink and savoury item. The sweet treats were going to be brought to our table during the evening.

Posing at Tim Hortons
Photo Credit: Ladd Media

I chose the classic French Vanilla and had a Christmas  Crispy Chicken Ciabatta.  This is available as a meal with wedges for under £6,

They work as a family and the service is exceptional. Staff are friendly, genuine and focussed at all times.

Food & Drink:

There is a wide selection of savoury and sweet items to choose from. Everyone on the evening enjoyed their meal.

The French Vanilla was just delicious. Creamy and warm with a lovely flavour I am glad I opted for this classic.
The festive sandwich came with a crispy chicken fillet, bacon, salad and some cranberry sauce. I had a portion of wedges too with chipotle sauce. They were so yummy.

During the evening I tried a selection of the Timbits. My favourite was the chocolate one. They are definitely bite-sized bits of happiness.

I went for the strawberry jam donut…mmmm just thinking about it makes me want one now. Khush and I were full up but couldn’t resist trying the festive chocolate donut too. We did share it.

Are you a Tim Horton’s fan or have you tried any of their products?

Neha xx

Thank you to Delicious PR for organising and inviting me to the launch.


  1. I first went to Tim Horton’s in Canada and what a brilliant addition to the Midlands area it . I will have to remember to pop in when I’m next in Birmingham and sample some of the treats.

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