Brothf , Leicester

Brothf’s main goal is to serve delicious and fresh Salads, Smoothies and healthy snacks. The store is located on Western Boulevard, next to De Montfort University and not far away from Leicester City Centre.

Chopped Salad at Brothf

All the produce they use is locally sourced.

Brothf’s key seller is their Fresh & Healthy salads. They use the chopped salad concept which means all the ingredients are well blended and the salad is much easier to eat. The selection of salad available is vast too which means you never have to have the same mix.

Steps for build your own salad Brothf

Step 1: Chose your base: This could be any/all leaves, couscous, pasta or rice noodles

Step 2: Chose your 5 toppings from the Deli: They have a wide variety to pick from including sweet potato, salsa & mixed beans

Step 3: Add you premium item: You get one item standard with your salad. Any additional premium is £1. Here you can pick your crayfish, blue cheese, prawns, halal southern grilled chicken etc

Step 4 Chop and Dress:  The salad is all chopped and then dressed with a dressing of your choice. They even make some of these from scratch and some are available to buy.

The salad comes in four sizes: small, medium, large and family. I had the medium on the day and that was very filling.

One the day I had a salad & couscous base with sweet potato, mixed beans, onions, sweetcorn and salsa as my fillings and southern grilled chicken as my premium item. I chose their mango dressing which is homemade and consists of mango pulp, coriander and red chilies. The salad was delicious and the fact it was chopped meant all the ingredients were blended well.

As well as their salads the store offers many Grab and Go sandwiches and bagels. The bread is low carb, low fat and low salt. There was a demand for breakfast items and the store now opens at 730 am with some tasty options for the morning.

They also sell healthy hot food. Here is what they currently offer. To get the full flavour of the non vegetarian hot food, Brothf slow cook the meats for 24 hours. If you want a nice kick to your hot meal go for the Thai Chicken.

Not forgetting their jacket and sweet potatoes and 10 different fresh soups.

Chris Hackett, the Opening manager, confirmed they are working on a policy to reduce plastic. At present their large salad bowls are bio degradable and they are constantly trying out new ways to reduce plastic.
I am so glad we have this lovely place in Leicester.  Healthy is  not Boring; pay a visit to  Brothf to find out why. You can order from Brothf via their app, Deliveroo, Uber Eats & Just Eat. They store is take away only. Healthy does not mean expensive either. Their food is competitively priced.



Brothf invited me to try out their salad however all views are my own. 


  1. Nice to go through your blog and note down all the foodie places in Leicester. I travel to Birmingham occasionally and often cover places from there. Love the name of your blog – whenever someone asks about my blog, my standard answer is “mostly food and travel” 😀


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