Sanctua, Vegan Restaurant


Sanctua opened its doors on Tuesday 30th April 2019. The plant based restaurant based in Oadby is a great addition to Leicester.


Owner and Chef, Bindu, has had passion for cooking from a very young age and initially became Vegan at the age of 11 years. Chef Bee’s father, from Kenya, was her inspiration. He used to be a farmer and has always been a great cook. Her mum is from Mauritius and Chef Bee uses some of the traditional family recipes and secrets when creating some of her dishes.

As well as being a great Michelin trainer Chef, Bindu is very conscious about carbon foot print and does a lot of work around this. Some examples include:

• recycling food waste by feeding her rescue rabbits with what she cannot use in the kitchen (eg carrot peels)

• using a wormery to make compost of the waste she cannot recycle

• folliaging some of her ingredients

• growing her own organic herbs and a range of chillies which she uses in her kitchen (she was a farmer once and has those green fingers especially when it comes to her range of chillies)

• buying wonky vegetables


Bindu said she wanted a restaurant where guests can “chill, relax and enjoy a great meal”.

The music in the restaurant is like no other.. it is Bird Songs that Chef Bee recorded herself in the British Isles, Scotland.

The seating and lighting is simple. She has restored furniture too in the restaurant.

Dotted around the restaurant are oxygenating plants to give it that “clean and fresh” feel.

I went for a Private Dining Experience with Kev recently and we both enjoyed the experience . Being meat eaters I was not sure what to expect however Chef Bee’s fine cooking ticked all the boxes.

The Private Dining Experience entails a four course menu followed by an appearance by the Chef herself.



Amuse Bouche:

To get out palettes cleansed we started the evening with A Chilled Sweet and Sour Watermelon Soup with Mint, served in little glasses with a rim of Pink Himalayan Chilli Salt.

It was a refreshing start to the meal and good way to prepare us for what was to come.


We enjoyed a bowl of crispy black sesame tempura with fresh lime, coriander and matcha chutney. The chutney was made half an hour beforehand and you can’t get any fresher than that.

Served with a Srircacha Aioli and pickled radish along with Soy a dipping sauce.

The tempura was light and crisp; just like it should be. This allowed us to taste the freshness of the vegetables. The soy dipping sauce was a good accompaniment to the vegetables and it was a good balance of flavours.


Malaysian Laksa with Rice Noodles combined with crisp tofu and stir fried vegetables. This dish was beautifully plated and tasted so delicious.

The tofu was crispy and added a crunch to the fragrant curry. A family secret, the Malaysian Laksa definitely was a winner too. The dish has lots of textures and every spoonful was enjoyable.


Coconut, ginger, chilli and lime sorbet. A beautifully homemade sorbet served with toasted coconut and coconut salted caramel

I wasn’t sure about the chilli when I read the ingredients but it went really well in the dish. It lifted the coconut flavours and was the perfect end to the meal. Every spoonful tasted fresh and was satisfying.


We went for the lemon grass mocktail. It was full of flavour and fresh tasting. I can’t wait to work my way through the other ones.

It was so inspiring to meet Chef Bee. She is proud of cooking and I can see why. Everything we ate was freshly prepared, tasty and so colourful.

Every month Bindu chooses a charity where she proceeds from the smoothie bowl of the day and soup of the day are given. On our visit it was Memphis.

Chef Bee has many plans for the restaurant which I am excited about. The menus vary depending on what is on offer- there are no compromises when it comes to freshness and flavours. They also cater for Satvik diets.

Live in the Midlands or planning a visit? Why not visit Chef Bee’s first plant based restaurant. You will not be disappointed; Vegan food that is fresh, flavoursome & cooked with a lot of passion.

Sanctua Restaurant, 29 London Road, Oadby, Leicester, LE2 5DL
Tel: 0116 3195791 or 07896 262610



Disclaimer: I was a guest at Sanctua Restaurant, however this review is honest and my own opinion.


  1. It’s rare to see a company caring so much forbthe environment. I love this idea. I would definitely attend if I was closer by.


  2. I’m hungry now! It all looks delicious and I love the fact it’s vegan, meaning I can have it all with no worries 🙂


  3. What a great place – loved hearing about it, Neha. And those green credentials too – so important for restaurants to consider things like food waste, carbon footprint, sustainability etc…


  4. Well I’m hungry all over again! Loved my visit here and totally agree with chef Bees passion and sustainability efforts. Look forward to trying more dleightsb


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