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2020 Travel Wishlist

Another decade gone and still have so much of the world to see. Travel habits have definitely changed for us for various reasons over the past ten years.
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We never plan well in advance where we are going in the year. It tends to be what is affordable and what we fancy. We normally book around 3 months before departing. Other money-saving tips for travel can be found on Money Saving Expert. Kev and I always talk about turning up to the airport and getting a last-second deal but that has never happened. I have heard you can get cheap flights sometimes on the day. Have you ever done this?
The first holiday of 2020: 
2020 starts with a family break to Goa in February, somewhere Kev and I visit every few years to see his grandparents. This year, my aunt and uncle are celebrating their 40th anniversary in Goa and this was a great excuse to tag along and have a family holiday. It’s a perfect place to get some winter sun and I can’t wait to dip my toes in the warm Indian Ocean, sip on fresh coconut water and top up my Vitamin D. We are staying at Le Meridian in North Goa. If you don’t already, you can follow me on Instagram where I will be sharing stories.
Photo Credit: Le Meridien
Here are some of the other places I would like to visit this year (one can dream right?)
These have become more popular in the last couple of years especially with the hotter summers the UK has had. In 2019 we had a great visit to Port Lympne.
  • Harrogate: After visiting York, Harrogate has been on the list. Known for being a fashionable spa town, I feel this will be a perfect weekend break to relax and get some fresh country air. We probably stay in a much cheaper hotel but at the moment Rudding Park is looking very appealing! Who wouldn’t want to stay in a lush hotel occupying a Georgian manor on 300 acres of parkland? Visiting Betty’s Tea Room and the Turkish Baths are on my list.

    Photo Credit: Ruddling Park
  • Dorset: The British Sea Side is always appealing on a sunny weekend. Long walks paired with good food in cute is a great feeling. The Pig Hotel is on my list especially with all the fresh food they serve. The rooms look amazing, even the cheap and cosy one at £169.

    Photo Credit: Pig Hotel
  • Edinburgh (thinking of New Year’s Eve): I know we have only just welcomed the New Year,  however with all the talk of Hogmanay being the worlds greatest New Years Celebration,  I am tempted to book a few of nights up north.  The Balmoral looks very inviting but an Air BnB will be more my price range.

    Photo Credit: The Balmoral
European breaks:
Last year we had an amazing driving holiday to Lake Como and back and I want more. Our neighbouring countries have so much to offer and in 2020 I hope to explore more of them.
  • Berlin for the Christmas markets: having a mini-break to kick off the festivities has become a tradition for us. Vienna is still my favourite one.  The European Christmas markets have so much to offer and with deals from £99 how can we say no?
  • Norway for a driving holiday: Talks of driving to Norway are on going – let’s just hope they pull through and we can make it. Norwegian Fjords look so picturesque and the hope of seeing the dancing lights again would be amazing.
International destinations:
  • USA: I haven’t been to America in a couple of years and am having withdrawal symptoms. All the calorie full milkshakes, cheesy pizzas, fancy cocktails and stacked pancakes are calling me. Quite like the idea of Route 66, Chicago or Texas. Kev & I did a road trip around Florida and it was so much fun. Obviously, New York is on there too but I would like to explore a different part.

    Photo Credit: Visit USA
  • Japan: Just because I love dreaming, I would love to squeeze in a break to this culture-rich country. Travelling on that bullet train, sipping tea while looking at Mount Fuji, admiring the beautiful gardens,  eating my body weight in sushi and shopping all sound so tempting.

    Photo Credit: Visit Japan
So, in terms of travel, I have a plan… only 12 months will tell whether I manage to tick the boxes.
Have you got any plans for travel in 2020 or do you tend to leave it until the last minute?



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0 thoughts on “2020 Travel Wishlist

  1. What a great wish list! I have been to afew of these destinations an dI’m sure you won’t be disappointed, especially with The Pig Hotel and Dorset, Ruddington Park and Route 66. I look forward to seeing where your travels take you.

  2. Ohhh I love this list. I have never even considered Harrogate so that is an interesting one. I may need to look into that one! I love the Pig Hotel chain too. I have not had the pleasure to stay in one yet, but they look fab dont they! I look forward to following along with your travels this year xx Enjoy!

  3. I have some ideas of what I want to do but probably won’t book until a few months before given the unsure nature of my job. I would like to spend 3-4 weeks in Honduras getting my divemaster, a roadtrip along the US west coast from Seattle (where I work) back to LA (where I live), and come back to Europe in the fall, maybe Iceland! x

    Rachel ||

  4. I would love to do a Route 66 road trip. And Edinburgh at New Year is an experience, my husband is from there and we’re working on moving back. I’d love to book my 40th birthday trip this year for next year. Either to New York to see family or taking my husband, daughter, and mother to Disney World.

  5. I can vouch for the Pig Hotel being lovely. Worth considering Knoll House too which is just over the road

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