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5 Ways to have Gordon’s Pink Gin

As well as a good gin & tonic I am a fan of cocktails.
5 Ways to enjoy Pink Gin
Gordons Pink Gin balances the refreshing taste of Gordon’s with the sweetness of raspberries, strawberries and tanginess of red currants.
Here are five different ways to enjoy the Gin:
1) The traditional way which always works for me: 50ml Gin, 1 can (150ml) original tonic water (I like Fever Tree), a few raspberries, slice of lime and ice. Simple but that’s all you need sometimes right?
Classic Gin and Tonic
Having frozen raspberries in your freezer is always handy; it is cheaper and works well as a garnish.
The pink metal straw (environment friendly & reusable) Urban Outfitters

2) One drink that is recommended with this Gin is a Spritz. Fill a glass with 50ml Pink Gin, 50ml Lemonade and lastly 25ml Prosecco.
Topped with ice, lemon rind and raspberries this was rather nice (I am not a big Prosecco fan but mixed with some sweetness and tanginess it went down well). You can also garnish using strawberries.

Gin Spritz
3) Rosemary & Pomegranate: A favourite of mine which I think works with many gin and tonics is garnishing with slightly smoked rosemary and crushed pomegranate. Put 50ml  Pink Gin and 1 can (150ml) of Tonic (I like Mediterranean one with this) in a glass. Take the smoked rosemary sprig and swirl the drink, leaving it in the glass. Crush some pomegranate seeds straight into the glass. Top with ice and enjoy! Burning the rosemary gives a more intense smell and flavour.
Gin with charred rosemary
4) Raspberry & Ginger: I found this recipe online and it works great with Gordon’s Pink Gin. In a short glass put 40ml Pink Gin, 20ml Fresh Lime Juice, 10ml Raspberry Syrup ( I used Chambord) and top with  Ginger Beer. Garnish with Lime. Refreshing with a slight kick from the ginger beer this is perfect through out the year.
Pink Gin, Chambord & Ginger Beer
5) Mint and Chocolate Martini: Raspberries, Mint and Chocolate are a great combination so a cocktail inspired by these flavours had to be made. The Gin gives the drink the   sweet tangy raspberry notes, combined with Creme De Menthe, ice cream, chocolate pieces & fresh mint  I could easily sip on this the whole evening.
Blend together 30ml Gordon’s Pink Gin, 20ml Creme De Menthe, handful of Milk Chocolate Chips & Two scoops of Vanilla ice cream.
Chocolate and Mint Martin
Decorate the rim of a Martini glass with grated chocolate by dipping the rim in milk or any syrup of your choice then dipping the glass in the grated chocolate.
Pour the mixture into a glass. If the mixture is quite bitty you sieve it. Garnish the drink with some mint and grated chocolate.
You can buy this Gin from The Bottle Club They have 20% off the drink pink section and if you use code BOTTL3CLUB first time customers can get £10 off (when spending 60).
Neha x
I was gifted a bottle of this Pink Gin by The Bottle Club. 

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