9 Online DIY Baking/Decorating Kits

9 Online DIY Baking/Decorating Kits

Sometimes you just got to take control of the situation, right? I was the one moaning (and probably still do a bit) that there is no flour or pasta in the shops. 

We just got to deal with it by thinking outside the box. Constantly moaning isn’t going to bring flour home.  I realised I had chapati flour and could make biscuits with that and placed a flour order from Holland & Barrett (albeit spelt and rice flour).  I also remembered that you can buy amazing DIY kits at home to bake, decorate and stay happy and positive. Baking is also therapeutic for me.

We are lucky to have the internet which is full of resources and helps us with fantastic ideas on how to deal with what we have now. After this bump in 2020 is over, I reckon we will see more bakers, chefs and probably many more teachers.

Here are some DIY baking/chocolate/decorating kits you can send to those you love or just for home indulgence and entertainment. 


Cocoa Amore has been a favourite of mine since it opened in Leicester and while I cannot visit their shop, I am glad they have an online store so I can get my chocolate fix.

They have some DIY chocolate lollipops which sound and look amazing and truffle making kits. I mean everyone deserves some chocolate fun right? The chocolatiers here are creative and have something for everyone including that last-minute Easter Egg delivery.

Photo Credit: Cocoa Amore


Bitsy specialises in creating awesome edible art in the form of decorated cookies.

You can buy DIY cookie decorating kits from the website and including a Unicorn and Rainbow one.

Bitsy is also famous for her brownies with the latest ones being Double Decker, Kit Kat & Boost. She also holds cookie decorating classes.

Photo Credit: Bitsy’s Emporium


This one is for all the guys who live by Clarendon Park in Leicester. Vicky from Baked America is currently doing some amazing Easter Bunny DIY cookie decorating kit for collection (and at a small cost delivery too).

Vicky is very accommodating and a lovely person. I am sure if you want more information on cookies and classes, she will be more than happy to help you. Just send her an email on bakedamerica1@gmail.com. Vicky also bakes some amazing cakes and holds cookie classes.

Photo Credit: Baked America


The Northampton based company, Little Bakery of Happiness, won the national Bakery Awards 2020 in the county.

Their aim to spread the happiness, bake by bake. They sell gluten free cakes and call their DIY range Bake Yourself Happy at Home. From gluten-free bread mixes to Gluten Free pastry mixes, this small company delivers quality packages.

Photo Credit: The Little Bakery of Happiness


I have tried the Baked In, home kits and the attention to detail is perfect. Read all about it here.

From the lovely guys at Baked in you can either join their baking club and get a monthly delivery or just buy one off DIY baking kits. You get the dry ingredients to make unique delicious sponges and more. Kev loves their mug desserts and we have them in stock at home.

Photo Credit: Baked In


The Busy Baking Company sell the perfect home baking kits that are precisely weighted and most of the time come in a jar. The jar sold me! What a great idea. All recipes are tried and tested so be sure to make that delicious and simple bake with their DIY kits.

They have no bake kits. Gluten free kits and including one for dog treats!

Photo Credit: The Busy Baking Company


Yumbles is the one stop online marketplace that connects food lovers to UK’s independent small makers of food & drink. From DIY doughnut biscuit baking kits to Chocolate Noir and Gold Dust Edition Macaron Making Kit, they have it all. I love the idea of the community that brings together great independents.

Photo Credit: Yumbles


The place to buy free-from DIY mixes to get all the goodness in. Their aim is to help get that goodness into meals and snacks, quickly and easily. They specialise in gluten free, dairy free and vegan ready mixes and have no added sugar. I am a fan of their pancake mixes and now I have seen the brownies I want that too.

Photo Credit: Sweetpea Pantry


I was hoping to see more DIY kits on Biscuiteers however can only see an Easter one and damn it is a good one. It is pricey but the end result looks amazing and I have heard so many people rave about Biscuiteers. They are luxury hand iced biscuits after all, made the traditional way.

If you fancy sending anyone a gift, the personalised selections look like showstoppers.

Photo Credit: Biscuiteers

Have you ordered any DIY Baking or Decorating Kits to enjoy at home?


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0 thoughts on “9 Online DIY Baking/Decorating Kits”

  • This is such a helpful post – we are trying to do a lot of different activities every day to keep it exciting so might have to get a couple of these kits.

  • What a great idea. Thankfully we have two baking sets in, but they won’t go far with my brood!

    The idea of supporting a small business while getting our cake/baking fix is brilliant.

    The one thing that has come from this for me, is supporting small companies. I have been using the local greengrocer/bakery/butchers and bought several gifts online for friends.

    I will be checking these suggestions out x

  • We have been doing more baking since we can’t leave the house, but have not tried baking kits. I think my kids would love getting one through the post and seeing what we could make!

  • Wow i had not idea there were so money baking companies out there! I am going to look at BakedIn, my girls and I love to bake but as you say flour is so hard to get at the moment.

  • These sound great as I have been trying to buy flour with no luck and the kids are desperate to bake

  • I’ve been trying to do a little baking at home but everyone seems to have the same idea as there’s never anything in the shops. As my fiance is out of work due to the virus we’re trying not to spend too much money but the cookies from Bitsy’s emporium look so good! x

  • The kids and I really enjoy baking at home. A baking kit sounds like a really good idea and it’s good to hear there are options of kits available.

  • I love baking but am finding i a struggle to cope escially with me having to homeschool both my kids and sort out their food as well and get some work done. So these baking kits sound like a great idea

  • These DIY kits look super cute, I especially like the Sweetpea pantry my housemate is vegan and gluten free so this would be right up her street- I shall have to get my hands on some. I also love the sound of ‘baking made easy’, I think I would send it as a gift rather than buy it for myself there are couple of birthdays coming and I know they would love it! Thanks for sharing x

  • Ive never heard of DIY bake kits before. It’s been ages since I baked and would really like to get back into it. I’d like to try the Macaron making one

  • WOW I had no idea about loads of these so thanks for sharing! The kids LOVE baking so we have been trying to fit it in where we can but finding the ingredients has been tricky so these kits would be perfect. We recently tried the Bakedin Baking Club box and it got a huge thumbs up from us!

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