Hello there! Welcome to my food, travel and lifestyle blog, mostlyfoodandtravel.

My name is Neha and here is where I share my culinary and travel experiences.

I am an Indian, born and raised in Kenya and now I live in Leicester. Culture has always been a big part of my life. Being brought up with a lot of good food had also meant I have an appetite for tasty flavoursome food.

I started my blog back in late 2017 as somewhere to share my culinary and travel adventures with my lovely readers. It has now become my side hustle.

My blog is also a place I look back on several times to see my own journey and to refer back to my own recipes.

I have a passion for cooking, eating and sipping on a cocktail or two. I love travelling especially when it involves learning a lot about culture.

I believe in honest and genuine feedback and this is what you can find on my blog.

I love to share some of my secret scrumptious recipes that have been tested in my kitchen for you.

Thank you for visiting! Neha x