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Afternoon Tea at Emirates Palace

We were staying at Bab Al Qasr, right opposite the Emirates Palace, and it would have been rude not to go and see what the craze for the gold flaked cappuccino was all about.


I had booked in for Afternoon Tea for two for the four of us. If you have read any of my other Afternoon Tea posts you will probably know I do that often. I don’t like wastage and usually a portion is too much for one person. I prefer to share an Afternoon Tea and buy more savoury items and drinks.

The ambiance:

The Emirates Palace is grand and a visit gives you a glimpse of royalty. Le Cafe is within the palace towards the back end. It is where you can enjoy beautiful delicacies, artisan pastries and cakes and the 23 karat gold flaked cappuccino. 

When I got the reservation email it had details of the strict dress code along with a note stating it was 100 AED minimum spend for those not having the Afternoon Tea. This may sound a lot but a coffee costs 75 AED. I asked for a table outside and was told we could only have the afternoon tea inside (it may be because they were busy because the website says you can enjoy in or out).

I like Afternoon Tea sat at a proper table however they serve it while you are sat at sofas. It wasn’t the most comfiest positions to eat.

The service was slow but staff were friendly and happy to help.

The main event, Afternoon Tea:

A Traditional Afternoon High Tea costs at AED 387. You can upgrade to different ones which incorporate more lush fillings or a glass of bubbly.

We had 2 beautiful looking cake tiers delivered to the table. One with the sandwiches & scones and the other with the sweet treats.

The sandwiches were beautifully presented and combined. Great layers of good fillings combined on different types of bread. I would have liked more sandwiches.

The selection of sandwiches we had included:

  • Yellow Fin Tuna
  • House Smoked Salmon
  • Alaskan King Crab
  • Organic Farm chicken
  • Italian Caprese
  • Mediterranean

The four scones came with a good serving of jam and clotted cream. They were 2 plain ones, one raisin and one pistachio. They were nothing special but were baked well.

The selection of sweet treats was delicious with a combination of chocolate, lemon and berry tarts and some cakes. The addition of golf leaf on the cakes made them stand out.


The drinks were enjoyable and worth the it with the coffee being rich but smooth. The cup and saucer is deceiving because it’s wide but shallow so you don’t get as much (maybe a way to get you to buy more).

Camelccino: The rich espresso was topped with frothy camel milk and topped with date syrup. The coffee was served with a date, camel shaped chocolate and a macaron.

Emirates Palace Cappuccino: This looked so beautiful and it’s a shame the lighting wasn’t great in the venue but I think you get the idea. The frothy milk was topped with 23 karat gold flakes and by the end of it my lips were coated with the gold flakes too.

It was a hot day and Kev wasn’t to try the ice cream. It is called the Ice Gold- Soft vanilla camel milk ice cream topped with 23 karat gold film.


My recommendation: if there are just two of you, walk in and don’t make a booking especially if you just want to have a coffee and cake. As long as you are smart casual it’s fine. The afternoon tea is nice but i think you can get better ones elsewhere especially for the price. 

You can reserve a table by emailing

Emirates Palace: West Corniche Road – United Arab Emirates



13 thoughts on “Afternoon Tea at Emirates Palace

  1. Oh wow, this really does look delicious. It’s a shame you didn’t think it was as good as some of the others.

  2. The setting looks very decadent indeed but like the others said shame you didn’t enjoy it as much. I always thought afternoon tea was served seated at tables?

  3. I love the idea of sofa seating but it never quite works when you’re eating does it? Shame the tea didn’t quite match up to the surroundings, but looks like you had fun tasting that gold-flaked cuppa!

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