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Café Delhi

This fairly new vegetarian café on the Golden Mile in Leicester is a nice addition to the area. The owners noticed a gap in the market especially with food items made with soya. They use Soya King soya and sell it in store too.

They are the same owners as Mem-Saab in Highcross which is another favourite of mine.

Atmosphere 10/10
The Indian Street Café is decorated in modern turquoise interior with copper accents and has a relaxed atmosphere. If you wish, you can sit by the kitchen to get a full view of the chefs in action.

The café serves a wide range of vegetarian indian street food as well as a Royal Mem-Saab Thali and High Chai menu. Now an indian inspired High Chai menu is always a winner for me.img_3956-1-e1525021543809.jpg

Food 8.5/10

I could have had anything from the menu, it all sounds tempting. We settled for the following:

  • Gol Gappe shots; easy to pop a whole one in your mouth these nibbles also known as Pani Puri were delicious. They  came on their own little trolley with shot glasses. Definitely a show stopper.img_4200
  • Samosa Chaat: the portion size was good and the samosa was hot served with a toppings of, spiced chickpeas, crispy vermicelli, yoghurt & tamarind chutney. The combination of flavours were scrumptious.
  • Chilli Paneer: I always pick paneer when I am in a street food cafe. This one did not fail me. It had the correct spice to it and the paneer was soft yet had a nice bite to it.
  • Garlic & Chilli Mogo: The cassava chips were perfectly cooked. Crispy yet not tough. I would have liked a bit more of an intense flavours in the dish because I could not take any garlic or spice.

Drinks 10/10
A bit like the food I was so confused on what to have…there were many options that were appealing.

  • Rose Falooda: A classic indian milkshake that was served with vermicelli and basil seeds.
  • Kashmiri pink chai: A slightly nutty tea infused with rose petals and saffron. I will always say yes to pink tea

The café took pride in its presentation as well as flavours. I always find it hard to get a good balance of both especially when it comes to street food.

The meal was really enjoyable and the relaxed yet modern environment made the experience better.

The prices were reasonable taking all aspects into account.

I will be returning soon, hopefully for their High Chai. If you are in the area, and stuck for somewhere to go, try them out. The setting is perfect for that social get together.

If you have been there let me know what you think.

Its bye for now from me..

Neha x

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  1. I’ve heard good things about Cafe Delhi so am really looking forward to going soon. I’m not surprised you were confused as it all looks so delicious!

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