Candy Floss Ice Cream and Bubble Wraps Waffles

Candy Floss Ice Cream and Bubble Wraps Waffles

Long gone are the days when the 99p flake was so special and a simple Belgium waffle was satisfying (or are the classics still the best?)

With the dessert market growing at an incredible rate there is always something better to try out and we are spoilt for choice.

Hats off to the inventors because having such photogenic desserts only means that sales are going to go up (especially with people like me in the market)

After drooling at many Instagram photos I went and tried the candy floss ice cream and the bubble wrap waffles.

Candy Floss Ice Cream:

Milk Train store

Milk Train is known for its soft serve ice cream cones covered in a “cloud” (aka candy floss). I visited the store in Covent Garden on a hot summers day.

Making candy floss

I went along with my colleague Jordan. Even though they only have 3 options I didn’t know what to go for! Indecisive as always when it comes to food just because I want it all. I settled for the Unicorn and Jordan had the Popcorn and Caramel one.

Unicorn candly floss icecream

The store has a little floral wall for that photo opportunity (they know too well). The window has a cute little display and a slogan “Ice Cream Makes You Happy” which makes this store preety neat and Instagram Friendly.
You can eat inside in their little seating area however we needed to get back to the office.

Ice Cream makes you happy sign

More icecream in the store

We were barely able to take any photos because the ice cream started to melt very quickly.

The melted mess

We did choose one of the hottest days but it was an experience. Within a couple of minutes my “cloud” (candy floss) came away and my ice cream was falling into bits. Luckily Jordan was playing mum for the walk back and she adjusted my handbag to ensure that wasn’t covered in ice cream and gave me some tissues. The candy floss was nice, and the ice cream was ok. My hands were sticky and so was my phone.

Prices start at £4.95 without the cotton candy cloud. This is an additional £1.

Milk Train Menu

Overall, I would give it 7/10. Top marks for presentation but it didn’t have the best taste and it wasn’t the easiest to eat. Also it was missing the bubblegum sauce which I realised after. Maybe next time I will try their Matcha flavour and sit inside the cafe.

Posing with our icecream

Bubblewrap Waffles

Bubblewrap store

I love the smell of waffles and the “melt in your mouth” texture when they are just fresh out of the machine. Do you?

The famous bubblewrap waffle store is in China Town. Their menu is extensive which means I spend half my time picking what to have. I could either chose from their favourite combinations or create my own.They do a vegan range too.

I fancied something without ice cream (didn’t want another melted ice cream scenario).

Bubblewrap Menu

Waffle makers

They have special bubblewrap every day and it was chocolate when I went but I didn’t fancy that.

Chocolate bubblewrap with strawberries and cream

I went for their banana crunch: plain bubblewrap waffle with pecan nuts, sliced banana, caramel and a dusting of icing sugar.

The bubblewrap waffle

The “bubbles” were soft and tasty just like you imagine them to be. I did almost want them to pop in my mouth like bubblewrap! Combined with the filling I chose this was definitely enjoyable and filling. It was my lunch effectively; at least I got one of my five a day in there right? For those who know me I am a grazer so cannot eat too much but want to eat often however I think I did really well with this – i was only left with a bit at the end.

Making the wrap

The plain bubblewrap waffle is £3.99 and they go up depending on what you want.

Overall, I would five this 9/10. It was tasty, easy to eat and of course was Instagram friendly. I would have liked a bit more banana in there especially towards the end.

Juicy toppings

There is a very tiny seating area. They had a little eating guide on the wall too and I tried really hard to get a good photo of it so hope you can see it.

Eatin Guide at Bubblewrap

Next on my list to try are the cookie sandwiches from Chin Chin and the What- A-Melon  sorbet from Dominique Ansel Bakery

Do you prefer to stick to the what you know, or do you like to try out new fancy desserts?

Let me know what the most expensive dessert you have tried is. I know Snowflake Luxury Gelato in Selfridges, London do one for around £85!!!

Hope you enjoyed the read..

Until next time its bye from me..

Neha x

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