Cocktail Masterclass at Cosy Club

Cocktail Masterclass at Cosy Club

Cocktails are my kinda drink and recently I was lucky to try out making some fine cocktails at Cosy Club in Leicester.


Cosy Club is a chain of shabby chic lounges where you can enjoy a good drink and delicious food. It is suitable for all ages and has a relaxing vibe to it.

I have been to the Leicester branch a few times just because I love the chilled atmosphere and the low lit lighting. Located in the old knitting factory, the restaurant also has a lot of character and gives it that warm feel.

The Masterclass

Cosy Club’s cocktail masterclass costs £29.95. Depending on how many of your there are you could be in their private room or upstairs by the bar.

Our master class was in the Loom Room downstairs, a private room that can be hired out (minimum spend applies).

We had an excellent bartender/teacher, Jethro, to entertain us and teach us how to put together two perfect cocktails.

Once we settled in, Jethro made us each a Pina Cosy Colada. Perfectly balanced with some spiced pineapple syrup this went down a treat. An easy to drink a cocktail and I feel one that is good to start the evening. He made it look so easy to put together a good cocktail. (All straws at Cosy Club are made of corn starch).

Cosy Colada finished, (not a drop left in sight), it was time to make our very own Cosy Cosmo. Jethro taught us what all the measurements were on the jigger (I just thought one half was single and the other a double shot.. never knew it had lines inside). I quickly learnt cocktail making is not as easy as it looks… having the right skills and techniques is key to that perfect drink. You can’t always get away with “mix and see what happens” for that good cocktail.

Cosy Cosmo:
Ingredients: Ketel One vodka, Lemon, Bitters, Cointreau, Cranberry Juice, Ice.

Method: Try and pour (and not drink)the spirits as instructed, add some ice, shake and hope for the best. It was a lot of fun trying to ensure we did not over pour any of the spirits and mixtures especially as this Cosmo has a lot that went into it.

Once we poured the cocktail in the pretty glass, Jethro got us to hold a bit of orange peel and squeeze the oils out just in time for him to light them. It was all very exciting and the smell was amazing. We rubbed the rind on the rim of the glass for that orange flavour. The garnish was that bit of peel and it just added a lovely touch to the Cosy Cosmo.

Blood Orange & Whiskey Sour:
Ingredients: Roe & Co Irish Whiskey, Tonka Extract, Egg white & lemon juice mix, blood orange juice.

Our third cocktail was the Blood Orange Sour. The best was saved to the last. The Roe & Co Whiskey Sour is sweet, sour and lovely. When Jethro said the cocktail had whiskey I straight away said I wouldn’t like it but I was so wrong.

I was intrigued about the Tonka Extract and gave it a try .. big mistake. It smells amazing but it’s an extract so is super concentrated. That’s why you only need a couple of drops in your drink. Topped with a dehydrated orange this was a show stopper too.

The sweet and sour worked well together and it’s a cocktail I would have happily had the whole evening.


In between making the two cocktails we were treated to a lovely spread of Tapas. You can get a good balance of vegetarian and non-vegetarian, healthy and not so healthy… the choice is yours. The portions of each dish were reasonable and the tapas were a great combination with the cocktails. Each dish had its own flavours and was well presented too. I don’t know about you but I prefer to graze rather than have a big meal especially when I am out having cocktails.

My favourite tapas on the evening were:

  • Cosy Scotch Eggs wrapped in black pudding with mixed leaves and tomato chutney.
  • Mediterranean Mezze Plate Falafel, tzatziki and hummus served with warm flatbread
  • Mini sausages with a sticky cider & mustard glaze
  • Halloumi Fries with chipotle chilli jam
  • Squid & Chorizo with a butter bean aioli

Some other tapas we tried on the day were Roast Turmeric Cauliflower, Pulled Beef Brisket, Crispy Sesame Chicken, Goats Cheese & Spinach Croquette, Tempura Prawns & Garlic Mushroom on Toasted Ciabatta.

Tapas are normally priced at £4.95 each or 3 for £13.95 and you can include these in your masterclass package for an extra £10.

To book a Cocktail Masterclass click here. Cosy Club also holds Gin Masterclasses – how exciting does that sound?

Cosy Club Leicester: 68 Highcross Street, Leicester, LE1 4NN,, 01164 080008



I was invited to try out the cocktail masterclass at Cosy Club. All opinions and photos are my own. 

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