DIY Backdrops

DIY Backdrops

Taking photos of food can be so much fun and I have found the more you take photos the more creative you get. I have a long way to go however have learnt so much along the way especially in terms of backdrops. I try and save money by making my own backdrops instead of buying them. This also makes them unique.

For those who want something quick and easy, wallpaper samples are a winner. I started off with getting so many different types including brick wall effect and soon realised I had favourites, the grey ones. I have also got some artifical grass from the pound shop and this makes good backdrops especially with Easter creations.

I decided to try and make some more sturdy ones using canvas. I found the stretched cotton canvas works well. You can get them from ebay. I painted both sides on a recent one I bought and was surprised the colours didn’t run through (So it was a bargain because I got two backdrops out of one canvas). This is what you need for the canvas back drops:

  1. Tester Paint Pots (try not to use any oil based paints because they are hard to work with). Water colours work best.
  2. Used/old sponge or cloth (having them damp works better)
  3. Spatula or similar to spread the paint (the reason I didn’t use a paint brush is because I didn’t want the paint strokes showing)

If you head to my Pinterest page or Instagram highlights (under Lifestyle) you can see the videos on how the canvas came together.

  1. Start by painting the canvas with your base colour
  2. Add on other colours either using the sponge/cloth or spatula
  3. Blend the colours in by dabbing or making swirls. Once you start working with the sponge you will realise how easy it is
  4. Leave to dry

The second backdrop I created was a flower wall. Something I have wanted to do for a while. The process is long but rewarding. You can get a range of artificial flowers and spend a lot of money on them so plan it well. The key thing is to good artificial greenery for the base and then work on the flowers. You need to ensure whatever you buy you can attach to the mat base. Florist tape works well to attached many mats together and to stick down those tricky leaves.

Have you created your own back drops at home or thought about it? Here are some of the photos I have taken with the backdrops.


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  • I have never thought about DIYing backdrops but what a good idea, I LOVE the flower one, I can imagine buying something like that would be so expensive but to make it yourself could really bring down the cost.

  • A DIY backdrop sounds so awesome for brightening up the inside or outside of your home. The process looks pretty easy. This would be a great project to do when we move back home!

  • Oh my goodness, these are all gorgeous!! I am struggling with Instagram so much and would love to have mixed it up with some varied backdrops.

  • Making your own backdrops is such a wonderful idea! I used to get the free wallpaper samples and use those. I now have a particular area of my house that I use.

  • The artificial grass backdrop sounds like a good idea. I’ve tried to find large boards to use and rolled out some wallpaper but I think the boards I used were too small. I use fake flowers, they work well.

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