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Eat By Chloe

I am not vegan but have wanted to try out Eat By Chloe for a while.

You cannot make reservations which means you may need to wait around for a seat however the turnaround is quick, especially at lunch time.


There is no table service; you place your order at the counter and wait for your name to be called out.

An average main is about £9 which can be a bit pricey for lunch but its worth it.

Food & Drinks


Every item of food that came out looked appetising. The counter had a selection of cakes and they looked tempting.

In the end my friend and I settled for the pesto meatball, guac burger, sweet potato fries and homemade basil lemonade.

Pesto Meatball : This was served in a potato sub roll. The meatballs were made with mushroom and veggies. Toppings included sweet peppers, marinara, basil pesto and cashew mozz, almond parm. I did not like the flavour of the meatballs. They did taste a bit doughy and did not have much flavour however combined with the toppings it was not too bad. I found the sub dry and stodgy. Rating 6/10


Guac Burger: The patty was made with black bean, quinoa and sweet potato. It came in a whole grain bun with corn salsa, onion, guac, tortilla strips and chipotle aioli. This was definitely much better than the meatball sub. The burger was flavoursome and soft. It did fall apart but was still tasty. My friend said she would definitely have this again 9/10

Sweet Potato fries: These were made to perfection and I would recommend them. They were not soggy or greasy and tasted fresh 10/10

Seasonal Lemonade: The lemonade was with basil and it was so refreshing and full of flavour. I would definitely recommend this too 10/10

Staff & Environment

The store definitely has a great buzz to it. It was busy at lunchtime and staff were alert and constantly clearing tables and tidying tables.


You can help yourself to beetroot ketchup and chipotle aioli which were both great condiments to go with our meal.

I was full up for the whole day after my meal at Eat by Chloe (I was not even able to finish my whole roll). I was not bloated either which was great. I cannot wait to go back and try their cakes. They looked amazing.

At present they have one store in Europe; Covent Garden London. They are opening another one soon by Tower Bridge. If you have not been and are in the area, I would pay them a visit. Eat By Chloe

Overall Rating for the visit 8/10

Hope you enjoyed reading my post. 

Neha x

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