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The Fat Crab

Tucked away at the end of Alexandra Avenue, in Rayners Lane, is this tiny restaurant that sells some amazing tasting seafood…..  The Fat Crab

The restaurant has a selection of seafood to choose from including seasonal crabs, lobsters and oysters. I asked about the crabs and was told they were delivered fresh every morning; I am guessing a lot of their seafood is.

They have seating for maybe 20 people if that so you have to book. There is an option to take away too. The restaurant is always busy which is a good sign and which means that they have to get in fresh produce all the time.


The ordering process is 8 steps. It consists of selecting your starter,  topping, choice of seafood, sides & spice level. Then picking your drinks and desserts if you wish.

It’s not a fancy joint, just simple and well maintained. Everyone is enjoying that messy meal together. It is clean and minimalistic.

Each table is covered with a disposable table-cloth and has a kitchen roll,(yes you need a lot of tissue) some ketchup and mayonnaise. There are no plates or glasses for drinks. The only thing that is reused is the cutlery.

You get a bib and a bucket (which you use for the shells) with scissors, a hammer, a cracker and some seafood picking forks.The tools

The crab is made in a separate pot and then all put together in a bag and served with all the sauces inside. The concept is brilliant.

I went with my cousin Seema and we had the Local Brown Crab and Blue Spider Crab with the Whole Shabang (Lemon Pepper, Garlic Butter & Cajun) and shared a portion of Cajun fries between two of us.

The bag of crab

The Local Brown Crab was meatier than the Spider Crab which was a bit harder to pick at but was still good. The seasoning was spot on and the whole dish was so delicious.

The crab in the bag

The fries were perfect especially when dipped into the tasty sauce in the bag.

If you don’t like getting your hands dirty I don’t think you will get the full experience of eating juicy seafood from a bag.

It was like carnage after we sucked and picked at every bit of meat we could from the crabs.

Crab shells

I enjoyed my meal and for the price I thought it was excellent value for money.

The service was great. The staff were aware of your progress and were friendly and helpful through out.

Do you like eating messy dishes or do you prefer food you can enjoy without getting your fingers dirty?

The Fat Crab has two locations; Harrow and Surrey. Make sure you book before paying them a visit to avoid disappointment. A lovely place for that Ultimate Seafood Experience.

Until next time Cheerio

Neha x


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