Glamping weekend in Maidwell, Northampton

Glamping weekend in Maidwell, Northampton

Going abroad can work out pricey for a big birthday so our friends decided to have a weekend away Glamping.

The main filters when searching for the area were

  • Suitable for 10 people
  • 10 man hot tub
  • location in the Midlands.

After several searches Blueberry Shepherd Huts came up.

Set in a 175 acre farm, this is the perfect place for a large group that wants to go away. It has a comfortable yet adventurous environment in the middle of a secluded countryside and is not too far from towns like Market Harborough (15 minutes’ drive).img_0235

Blueberry Shepherd Huts has 2 separate glamping sites with parking at both.  We booked Farm stay 1 which had 5 huts altogether.

The communal area/ Central Hub that consists of a kitchen, dining area, 2 toilets and a shower. It is indoors and has a wood burner and gas heater.  The kitchen has all essentials like pots, pans, cutlery, cooker, microwave fridge.  The dining room was a bit like a bric a brac shop with a collection of games, trophies, sports equipment, games, handbags (it was a bit strange and looked like it was a collection of items over the years). It would have been better if the area was organised and at least cleaned a bit. It felt that everything was left in the same place the previous guests kept it.

The huts (rooms) are all look very cute and all have heating in them. Some are bigger than others. They have charging sockets. One of them has its own shower too and is a bit like an on suite.

The huts are idea for two people. Some of them have two double sofa beds but it is a squeeze and unless you step over each other it is hard to get out.

The Scandinavian BBQ hut was perfect for making those juicy burgers and sausages. Though it is well ventilated I don’t think it is ideal to sleep in (though it is advertised as sleeps 3). One of the couples slept there and it was not comfortable.

All the bedding and towels are provided. You even get a few extra blankets to keep you warm.  We also discovered some sleeping bags in the wardrobe in communal area.

bed in the hut

There were three different seating areas outside, a fire pit and 2 hot tubs (10 and 2 man) and a sauna. To our disappointment, we were told when we got there the bigger hot tub was out of use.

You get a wheelbarrow of wood to use and any additional wood is £10 per wheelbarrow.

On the first day, after settling in we chilled out around the fire, drank and had a barbeque. Was a perfect evening however it did get a bit cooler, so we moved into the dining room and played some games (beer pong, ring of fire & cards against humanity). That warmed us up.

It was a lazy start to the next day. The girls prepared the breakfast and the guys washed up. We took turns in the hot tub because the large one was out of use. No one went in the Sauna.glamping breakfast

The hot water in the showers was temperamental and not everyone managed to have a hot one which was a shame.

We walked to the lake and some had a go on the kayaks – I am rubbish at it and decided to watch from this little seating area. You can swim in this man-made lake too.

We got back, had a celebratory drink before getting ready to go out for dinner. We went into Market Harborough because the food at the pub did not appeal to us.

After walking to the Stag (it was a lovely refreshing walk) and having a drink we got a bus into Market Harborough. Saturday night and taxis for a big group from the countryside don’t really go well. A taxi for 4 is between £15 – £20.

Drinks at the stag

We got back around 11am and finished the rest of the wood. Unless it is middle of summer and the weather is warm at night you need another wheelbarrow full of wood for two nights.

There is fishing on site too on site however we did not manage to get there.

About a 10-minute walk from the hut area there is a hilltop site with beautiful views. The owner said we could have our barbecue their, but it seemed like a trek to carry everything with us.

If you are comfortable with dogs, the owner has three that roam between the sites (He can ensure they do not come onto the site if you prefer them not to). He also has some horses on the land.

I love the idea of glamping and will definitely be going again ;maybe try a different site. Have you been glamping?

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  • This place looks ideal for a weekend away with friends. Love the barbecue in the middle of the hut . I must admit I’ve never been glamping but would definitely love to go one day.

  • We’ve been to some lovely glamping sites. It is such a shame the bigger hot tub was not in use for you but sounds like you all had a great time!

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