How mostlyfoodandtravel started

Mostlyfoodandtravel is my hobby. It is somewhere I share family recipes, food stories, restaurant reviews, travel experiences and just little snippets of my life.

I started this hobby over 3 years ago. I had no idea what a blog was or what I was doing. My friend told me I should write about all the deals and food I go on about and so I created a word press account called everythingandanythingbyneha (what a mouthful) and put up a post. I had no idea what to do with it or how to promote it and left it at that.

In January 2019, whilst on a Cuban beach, I decided to change the name to mostlyfoodandtravel because it made sense after a few mojitos.
I am still not convinced I picked the best name but am determined to stick with it. On so many occasions people have asked what my blog name is and when I say mostlyfoodandtravel they reply, yeah but what is it called! Duh!

I started an Instagram account in late 2017. I still didn’t know what I was doing and remember telling my friend I would be happy with one follower a day (clearly started with the thinking that big following is not the key). I posted everything from a pair of shoes to shampoo!

As I grew, I connected with more people who pointed me in the right direction. I also found a lot of free resources online and built a bit more confidence in my work and photos. I can’t say I have a niche yet (something many say you should have) however there are no more beauty and shoe photos.

My life generally revolves around food and drink (especially in the past year) and that is what my feed reflects now.

Here are my squares from before and after.

With more brands approaching me, I need to make my social media platforms more professional and that includes my blog. Apart from hosting fees, I have not spent any money on my blog. There is soo much out there you can learn from.
My journey so far has been great however I think now is the time for me to turn it up a notch when I get a chance to and invest in just doing the faffy things I dont get or ignore.

I have had some lovely invites and met amazing people, some of who are now my friends (this is my best bit). I have also worked with great brands that I am thankful for. Here are some of them.

Some things I have learnt that may help you:

  • it is a collaboration, not competition (Binny taught me this) and it is so true. Look at your competitors and learn from them, work with them and not against them
  • there is a place for every single person and what one person likes another doesnt so if you want to start a blog go for it.
  • If you want a website for your blog go self-hosted as soon as possible for more freedom including storage capacity. I am still learning the whole SEO thing and plugins. I guess you never stop learning.
  • free stuff is good but just think of the effort and time you are putting into the work you are going to do for the brand. Is it worth it? I have learnt to say no. It is hard but it will make sense. Plus you will get better bigger opportunities come up
  • natural lighting is everyones best friend. We used to have a DSLR but it was too bulky. Now I just use my iphone
  • go with your gut instinct. If it feels right just do it!

Have any questions? Find me on Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok, Twitter and Clubhouse. Apart from Twitter (mfoodandtravel) I am mostlyfoodandtravel.

Another tip…you don’t need to be on all the channels. I like them all and they all have a different audience for me.

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