How to be savvy with your shopping

I never seem to understand why people pay full price these days???There is always a deal… Here are some sites I use and how I go about my spending habits:

Hot uk deals: this is a website that is updated constantly with current deals. You can get the app too. The deals may not all apply to you but it’s handy doing a search on here for the product you want. This can bring up various discount codes which you wouldn’t ordinarily think would be around during the year. Hot uk deals is open to anyone so you can join in and vote on deals or add them yourself. You can put filters on too so if you after a specific item you can check to see if there are any deals for that. 

Money saving expert: Martin Lewis has been a genius and has enabled me to save loads of money. Sign up to his emails and you will be surprised at what deals are around all year round. The site is great for gaining knowledge on how to be money wise. There are some good forums on there too.

Some of the deals I pick up from him are discount codes, upcoming offers and any potential price rises.

The website also has good links to ways of saving money.

Topcashback or Quidco: these are cash back sites and all you have to do here is search for the merchant and click on the link for this merchant from the site and you will soon start earning some pounds. At first it may seem pointless because the cash back for some items is 1% however over time the money will accumulate. The cash back sites also have money off deals. The pot of money can either be cashed after you have reached £20 or you can overtime exchange it for vouchers which sometimes can be 5% of the value.

Not all merchants are on topcashback or Quidco however it is always worth checking and it is just a matter of clicking.

Once you start using it remember to check the tracker works.

Or any search engine : For those who don’t want to sign up for emails and just want to buy an item simply type in ‘discount code or voucher codes’ along with the merchant name. 9 out of 10 times I have found a code on there that works. Again this may take five minutes but if it’s saving you money I am sure it’s worth five minutes of your time.

People often think I am crazy when I go on about the deals however they forget I am not the one who is counting the days to pay day… It all about being savvy. This enables me to be smart about my money and live within my means.

Normally if I have seen an item in store I want that is full price I would check for any codes online, copy the code, go top cash back, click on the merchant and then buy my item- this sounds long winded but it is just a matter of a few clicks and I have now got the item I want at a cheaper price.

Yes, I admit it is nice to be able to walk into a shop and buy what you want but unfortunately we are not all made of money. Also sometimes you cannot avoid such instances but when you can wouldn’t it be even nicer to just do a quick search and tap a few buttons and save money on the same item? Most stores offer free click and collect services so you don’t need to pay for delivery.

In addition to all this and if know you can pay off your debt every month get a cash back card. Money saving expert has a breakdown of the options.

Finally if you don’t ask you don’t get…Independent stores want your busy and a lot of the times offer 10% off if you ask.

The same applies to many big stores. If a button is loose or a stitch has come off on a garment especially on sale items the manager may reduce the item further and make it non refundable. However if you want the item and know how to fix it you have won!

Remember it costs nothing to ask and if you feel embarrassed don’t because we live in a competitive world and everyone wants our business.

Happy savings 💰££

Neha x

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