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How to spend a foodie day in London

I have not had a foodie day in a long time especially with a fellow food influencer. It is always so hard to get the balance right to ensure you are not in a food coma just after breakfast. Also for those of you who have been out with a food influencer, you know the camera eats first, therefore, you cannot just tuck into your meal. Having someone on the same level as you really works.

London food ideas

I had a day in London planned with Rasha from simplyrasha. Here is how it went:

Breakfast at Duck & Waffle:

When we started planning where to go we knew we had to book somewhere asap to avoid disappointment. We settled on Duck & Waffle.

Our table was booked for 10 a.m. Before you go up to the restaurant your details are taken and you have to scan the NHS app. The setting is amazing and the ambience is vibrant. We were lucky too to have a window seat with views of Tower Bridge and the Guerkin building. There were no spare tables in sight either so I am glad we did book one early.

Did you know it was the highest 24 hour restaurant in London?

I have never been and was torn between the original duck & waffle dish and the duck benedict with sriracha. Based on the waitresses recommendation I went with the benedict. Rasha had the Columbian eggs.
I would recommend the duck benedict. The duck just melted in my mouth. The waffles were so soft and the sriracha just lifted the whole dish.

When we arrived it was raining however that cleared up and we were able to get a beautiful view of the city especially with the moody clouds and blue skies.

Unfortunately our time had run out and we could not order the sweet waffles to share. This only means I will have to return.

Cake at Eataly

The place to eat, shop and appreciate high-quality Italian produce. I was like a little child in a sweet shop. Was so overwhelmed and wanted everything. The selection of produce here is just amazing. Name it and they have it. I could easily spend a day there eating, drinking and shopping.

They have a fresh market too and it was the first time I realised there were so many types of artichokes. They have packed as well as loose produce so you can buy how much you want for some items.

We shared a tiramisu which was soft and tasty. This was to compensate for the waffle we missed out on. I reckon if I lived in London I would return here for a monthly shop. I mean of course I need about 5 different gnocchi flavours to choose from.

Sushi Samba, Covent Garden

It was typical British weather kinda day. Rain, sun, rain, sun. Lucky for us, it stayed clear when we needed to go from one place to another. To prepare for another meal, we walked towards Covent Garden which was around 45 minutes. This way I got to sightsee a bit more and avoid the tubes.

We were lucky to get a table at Sushi Samba. We never booked and decided if it was meant to be it would. What a beautiful location it was. The leafy ceiling, rooftop views of the Piazza, vibrant colours just made it a striking restaurant and bar.

We had a fancy mocktail each. I went with the saffron-shish caipirinha and Rasha had the Lychee Lemongrass Collins.

We were peckish but not starving so picked three dishes to share and this was perfect. Each dish was made with great detail and flavoured to our expectations. The fish was so fresh and the ingredients were of a high standard.

  • Vegetarian Crispy Taquitos: avocado, radish, red onion, peppers, pickled shimeji mushrooms 
  • Raw Kanpachi: yuzu, black truffle oil, garlic, chive
  • Sasa Samba Roll: shrimp tempura, quinoa, padron pepper, coriander, spicy mayo, red onion 
Double Shot, Covent Garden

It was time for a coffee and cake stop. It had to be a floral cafe and we picked Double Shot.

The cafe is really pretty. The interior was painted lilac and had some lovely wall hanging and coloured seats dotted around.

Don’t worry, we were not going to tuck into a cake each (lol). We shared a red velvet slice. It was actually one of the nicest red velvets I have had in a while. I went for the blue matcha and it sure looked pretty but unfortunately, it just tasted of warm milk (apart from the dried strawberry bits on top). When I posted the video on Tiktok I was told it is available on Groupon so worth having a look if you fancy a deal on your visit.

Sabine Rooftop

We took a stroll towards Sabine which was about a 20-minute walk. The rooftop had only been open a week and as soon as bookings opened I made sure I got a space. What I love about the rooftop is it has something for everyone. Outdoor seating, terrace, indoor seating and a bar you can sit around.
The Rooftop also serves food. We shared a burrata and it was divine especially with the nectarines and sourdough bread.

The service was fantastic and it is somewhere I would recommend not only for this BUT THE VIEWS! Being able to see The Shard and be so close to St Paul’s Cathedral is just fabulous. Whilst we were there the sky cleared up and it was just so nice to see the moody cloud backdrop and the blue skies one. You can watch my video on our experience here.

Fed and watered it was time to say bye and head back to Leicester. I opted to walk to St Pancras to burn off some calories- it’s all about balance right?