Lockdown Wine Tasting with Wine Trust 100

Lockdown Wine Tasting with Wine Trust 100

The scars left from having cheap dry acidic wine at work parties has always made me steer away from the drink until recently. I have been lucky to try some fine wines and now my love for the drink is growing (either that or with age comes change in taste).

I still am not good at picking my own wine (apart from Argentinian Malbec). I leave that to the experts.

Being in lockdown doesn’t mean you should stop doing what you like…you just have to change the way you do it (that is what I think anyway). Of course, I want to be out socialising with my nearest and dearest and sipping on wine from fancy glasses perfectly poured by the Sommelier. However, I cannot, so I am trying to make the most of the “new normal”. There is a vast amount of online resources out there which I am grateful for and many companies are changing their strategies to keep serving us during this strange time.

Wine Trust 100, an online wine supplier, gifted me with 6 bottles from around the world to enjoy as part of a virtual lockdown wine tasting event last week (16th April 2020). Sounds great right?…it was and if you love wine I would recommend it!

Wine Trust 100 offers an excellent selection of quality wine that is selected personally by their Masters of Wine. They believe in the wine they sell and only stock the ones that are an exceptional price.

The session was hosted on Zoom by the very talented and highly qualified Alistair Cooper MW.

The event lasted around 50 minutes. It started with Alistair talking about the wines, followed by questions and answers. The session had the zoom chat open the whole time and this made it interactive. I learnt so much in just those 50 minutes.

Amalaya Torrontes – Riesling 2019Argentina 🇦🇷 Citrus, PineappleThis is also known as Hope of the Miracle. The wine has a crisp acidic taste. £10
Soave Superiore 2017Italy 🇮🇹 Slightly OakyFresh rich wine with a citrus twist from Montegrande vineyard. £10
Greywacke Wild Sauvignon 2017New Zealand 🇳🇿 Smoky and Slightly Herby The grapes ferment with natural yeast making this a wild Sauvignon Blanc. This goes well with rich fish dishes. £23
Miraval Cotes de Provence Rosé 2019France 🇫🇷 Raspberry & MelonThe luxury wine is grown in vineyards that have a partnership with Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt. The rosé is made from the actual grape and not by product. £19
Spice Route’s Chakalaka 2016

South Africa 🇿🇦 Spice oak, Cherry & PlumThis is also known as South African relish and works well with Asian Cuisine and slow roasted meats. Chakalaka is a Zulu and it implies togetherness. £16
Giant Steps Pinot Noir 2018Australia 🇦🇺 Cherry and Earthy The acidity in the wine goes well with fatty foods and the wine just keeps getting better. £20

My favourite was the Amalaya followed by the Miraval and Chakalaka. On the evening I had made some balsamic teriyaki salmon and the Riesling paired so well with it.

After the success of the first event, Wine Trust 100 are holding another event on the 1st of May (Sauvignon Blanc Day). Click here for more information and to be directed to their website.

The virtual wine tasting works great because not only can you enjoy the wine in the comfort of your own home, you can arrange to have the session virtually with your friends and family.


Disclaimer [AD]: I was kindly gifted the liquors. There was no obligation to write a blog post. All opinions are my own.

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  • This is a fantastic way to spend an evening and a great idea! Good wine is very important indeed but hopefully you have now had a taste for the good stuff!

  • What a brilliant idea! I love how inventive people are becoming, especially businesses. I don’t really drink wine but I do love the idea of having alcohol delivered to my door!!!

  • I love how everyone gets creative during lockdown. A virtual wine tasting session would be unimaginable normally

  • Hands down, that has to be the most awesome virtual event ever! Not the greatest fan of wine these days, my drinking days are behind me. However have to admit to partaking in a little bottle of beer of two since lockdown. It’s nice to just sit back and relax of an evening… knowing the next day will be exactly the same! Sim – Sim’s Life x

  • Now this is something I would love to do! My tastes in wine vary; but, ever since I worked at one of local wineries in 2018, my tastes have gone to more dry wine varieties. I love the description of that Greywacke Wild Sauvignon 2017!

  • A virtual lockdown wine tasting sounds amazing! They all sound absolutely delicious but especially the South African Chakalaka.

  • This is a fantastic idea, im terrible and choosing wine, and i work with it, this is great way to utliise something while in lockdown and still get your fill of wine and discover new ones.

  • Wine is something I definitely am neading more off during the lockdown especially with having to homeschool 2 kids. We have tasted some of winetrust100 wines and totally love it, especially their Exilir Rose

  • What a brilliant idea I’ve never heard of this I’m going to mention it to my husband he would love it!

  • I’m not a massive wine drinker but it’s always good to give some guidance by someone who really knows what they’re talking about x

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