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Mowgli Street Food

There is a new Indian restaurant in town (Leicester) that everyone is talking about – have you been?

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I have visited Mowgli a few times in the UK and now we have one in Leicester  (St Martin’s Square) I thought I would share my thoughts on it.
Known for its Indian street food served in tiffins and inviting decor (including beautiful swings), Nisha Katona started the eatery to serve the kind of food Indians eat at home and on their streets.

Ambiance & Service

The warm fairy lights, bohemian looks fit in well with St Martin Square and is a great addition to Leicester.
The staff are well trained and on all my visits have been on point with recommendations and their service. I always feel welcome when I am there.
Mowgli’s other branches include Liverpool, Manchester, Birmingham, Nottingham, Oxford, Cardiff and Sheffield. Bristol is due to open later this year (2019).
Dishes are made fresh and come out when they are ready. The main menu is split into Street Chaat, Street Meats, The Hindu Kitchen (vegetarian), The Tiffin Box, The House Kitchen & Carbs. Its a very much pick & mix menu and a lot of dishes can be shared. Mowgli caters for Vegan & Gluten-free diets.
I am hoping the Brunch menu will be brought to Leicester soon (only available at the Bond Street store in Liverpool) because some of the dishes on there just sound so scrumptious.

Yoghurt Chat Bombs: These are a Mowgli’s favourite and they should always be ordered. The crisp mini puris are filled with chickpeas, spiced yoghurt, tamarind & coriander. Each mouthful is bursting with flavour and these are not for sharing because they are just so delicious.


Ruby Wrap:  This open roti wrap is served with tandoori chargrilled paneer, spinach & a combination of delicious chutneys. Garnished with pomegranate to give it that perfect texture, the Ruby Wrap is perfect for that lunchtime fix (despite being a starter).


Gunpowder Chicken: fried in a deliciously flavoured chickpea batter these chicken pieces are crisp, tender and full of flavour. The garnishes add to the flavour.


Mowgli Sticky Wings: sticky sweet wings is normally a dish that I am drawn to however the ones I have had here were just too sweet and this took away the spice element of them.


Office Worker’s Tiffin: This works like a food roulette. The chef decides what curries to give you. You get three curries and rice all served in that famous Indian tiffin.


Green Ginger & Rhubarb Dahl: Tangy & sweet green, the lentils simmered are with cumin, ginger & rhubarb. A different twist on the dahl’s I have tried before. It is more on the sweet side.

Mowgli House Keema: The keema was flavoursome and did have a lovely blend of spices, peas, and tomatoes in it. Not too saucy and perfect to scoop up with any carbs.

House Chicken Curry: The Kerelan curry had a blend of curry leaves and coconut milk with a nice nutty taste. A mild yet tasty dish.

Bunny Chow: Mowgli class this as their showstopper and it is famous amongst South African Indian railway workers. The curry, which is served in a big wedge of bread, was fruity and tomatoey. I was hoping for it to be rich especially with the combination of chicken & potato but it was not.


Based on personal taste, everything apart from the tomato dishes (curries) are nice at Mowgli. I just found every tomato curry I have tried isn’t flavoured that well and just taste of tomato sauce.  Some of the curries I have had are the lamb, prawn and fish one.
Their carbs section does offer some amazing additions like fluffy fresh puris that are worth trying.


Mowgli has a selection of drinks to choose from. Ranging from that fancy cocktail to a Rose & Cardamom Lassi, you are sure to find something to suit your taste.

Cinnamon Cola: Apple & cranberry juice shaken with ice, fresh mint leaves & a stick of cinnamon is the perfect addition to an Indian meal especially if you are a cinnamon fan. 

Mango Lassi: The absolute all-time Indian favourite for many. Made with Kesar mangoes, the lassi is fresh tasting and delicious.

Are you an Indian street food fan?

To book and for more information on Mowgli click here 
Address: 10-12 Saint Martins, Leicester, LE1 5DF
Phone: 0116 262 2505

copy of copy of leicester cafe directory




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  1. It looks lovely, meals look very tasty. We don’t have anything like this in Newcastle x

  2. I am pleased to read that Mowgli’s will be opening a branch in Bristol. I look forward to checking them out.

  3. It looks like such a lovely place! How cute are those tables with the swings 🙂 and those sticky wings have me drooling…

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