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My First Blogger Meet Up

As well as sharing my love for food and travel, another reason I started blogging was to meet new people.

I have actively (well sort of) blogged for over a year and have been lucky to meet some supportive and lovely bloggers along the way. I have also learnt so much about the whole blogsphere which I had no idea of.

Working full time can make it challenging, however, I try and do what I can and refocus when I can flustered.

I don’t think you get that far by being so competitive or comparing yourself to others because everyone is on their own journey that is personal to them.

A couple of months ago I put out an Instagram story to ask how many Leicester based food bloggers would like to meet up. I was overwhelmed by the 30 plus bloggers who voted Yes.

After putting out a survey monkey, it was clear the favourite brunch venue was Kai.  

Located in the growing St Martins Square , Kai has indoor and outdoor seating and is suitable for all ages. The restaurant also has a relaxing ambiance so is perfect for anytime of day.

Kai is Vegan and Gluten Free friendly too. Being a local business, it supports the local market which is important.

The venue is perfect for brunch and one I would always recommend to others. They also serve delicious buddha bowls.

Kiran, the owner of Kai kindly opened an hour early for us on Sunday 23rd of September. She was accommodating and  along with the other bloggers made the meet up a success.

17 bloggers said yes and this dwindled down to 8 on the day (I was half expecting to turn up on my own once people started dropping out but the bloggers did not let me down).

17 bloggers would have been nice to have on my first event but I think 8 was the perfect size for networking and getting to know each other. I have heard that events that are not “free” are always hard to get take up (something I am still getting my head around because as a blogger I don’t expect to get freebies everywhere I go).

The brunch went down a treat…there was lots of “yum”, “this is so good” and “I am coming back” on the table. One thing I loved about the event was everyone coming together to get that perfect shot – you know you are at a blogger events when this happens.

There was a mixture of dishes on our table from fluffy American pancakes, Shakshuka, Eggs Benedict to Avocado on Toast.

I am hoping this was the first of many meet ups! A social gathering to bring together local bloggers and network…..after all we all have something in common.

Do you enjoy social meet ups?

Neha x

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  1. Looks lovely and yes looking forward to attending next time if I’m not on hols again. Kai is a great place for brunches too with its great choice!

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