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My Macaron Journey

Macaron: pronounced mack-a-ROHN 

Two airy meringue almond cookies, sandwiched together with a flavoured filling. 

My macaron journey

Macarons were produced in the Venetian monasteries since the 8th century A.D. They have since become more delicate and flavours have become creative. Some high-end restaurants even make savoury ones.

My love for Macarons grew after our visit to Paris. We had the most delicious ones at Laduree, the pastry chain that has been making them for over 150 years.  They cost a lot because of the ingredients that go into them.

When I searched how to make them all I remember reading is “there is an art to making them and they are hard to make”.  Don’t let this put you off! My first round was a disaster but after that, they just got better and better.

There are two ways of making them: Italian and French. I went for an Italian Macaron class [AD] and learnt how to make the most gorgeous Macarons the Italian way. If you ever come across Maison Des Macarons, make sure you try them out. The finest ingredients are used to make the best macarons.

When I am feeling patient I use this method. Every other time I use the French method. Click here for my recipe. It is an easy method to follow. I only make small batches and use a hand whisk, so no fancy equipment is required.

My most recent macarons were multi-coloured ones. Instead of using a different piping bag for each colour and combining them into one bag, I put them all onto a clingfilm and piped them. You can tell the colours are not defined. It’s almost a marble effect.

The best filling in my opinion is a ganache. Buttercream can get too sweet especially American buttercream. That is what I used to use before until I went for the macaron class and realised ganache is so much better. For my recent ones, I piped a ring of salted caramel ganache and filled the middle with passion fruit compote.

There is so much more I need to try out to perfect those macarons because they are not quite Laduree standard yet but they are getting there.

Let me know if you have any questions about how I make these. Here is a link showing the video on how I made my marble macarons from scratch.


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