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My travel take aways

The September travel Linkup topic is all about the things that you take away from travel both literal and figurative – here is my take on it!

Masks in Venice
So who doesn’t take all the lovely toiletries from the hotel room and those biscuits? I used to be a sucker for them until I realised I don’t actually use them and they just sit in my drawer.
I still do take that occasional cosmetic pack because they always come in handy and oh and that mini sewing kit for emergency (obviously when I do need it I don’t have it on me!)
Is it me or does everyone get so excited on their travels and think everything they pick will go well in their house or bracelets that look good in the glistening sun on the beach will look as good on a summer’s day back home?
I have had a lot of these moments and have slowly learnt only to buy stuff that I will definitely keep and use.
What my husband and I try to do (when we remember )is to buy fridge magnets. They are not expensive and do not clutter the house.

Holiday Fridge magnets

Recreating dishes you have had on your travels is not That simple because all the ingredients are different most the time. I try to buy local spices or sauces whilst away because I feel they are designed for the locals and have the flavours they enjoy and dishes turn out a bit more authentic with them. I remember buying the red curry paste from the market Thailand. It has been one of the best and cheapest paste I have had. Even the dried herbs in Italy just taste much better in pasta back home –  do you agree?

Spices Thai floating market

Lessons Learnt

Being brought up in Kenyan I know never to pay full price for items in a market/where possible  (always try to bargain). Despite this I still fall into the tourist trap. It is always hard to know how much to push your luck – I remember in Goa when I went to the local market and was pleased I had got a jewellery box for less than half the asking price, only to find out it was cheaper in the supermarkets!
Always being a bit aware and reading on any tips before going away helps with trying not to be a victim of this.

Finally (now that I am a bit wiser and older) appreciate where you are and count yourself lucky enough to go on travels. Be silly, drink, eat, enjoy, relax and have fun.
Try and make the most of where you are and soak up the atmosphere. Create those memories that you will always cherish.

Me and Kev on sea

What are you best travel takeaways?

Neha x
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  1. Great list! I’ve never been one for actual souvenirs except for spices or the odd bottle of truffle oil from Italy! But totally agree with the whole just enjoy yourself and grant your lucky stars you are there!

  2. We always take the toiletries as our kids swim and they are the perfect size to pop in their bags. We collect magnets too

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