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Outdoor Adventure in Leicester

Kev & I do love an adventure. I never think to try out what is on my doorstep, however that has changed over the past couple of months with less travelling abroad and more focus on local adventures.


Let’s Get Lost is an outdoor activity organiser based in Leicester. Being outdoors is just so refreshing and despite the autumn setting in, I think getting that fresh air and staying away from screen time really helps my well being.

From adventure experiences to breathwork sessions, their tag line is “reconnect with the inner and outer world ” and that is exactly what you get at the end.

Kev & I went for our adventure on a slightly cool but sunny Saturday. Everyone who started the 10 a.m session was on a different experience, from a full day of exploring the beautiful River Soar and the countryside pubs to Picnic & bubbly. The River flows and weaves its way through scenic Leicestershire. The route does not have many weirs and is generally smooth flowing (weather dependant).

We did have Bruce directing us to where we should be but there were a couple of others in the group who had booked a different adventure and went off exploring with a map.

We started off at the Waterside Inn, Mountsorrel. Bruce was the instructor on the day. He started by going through the health & safety measures and the dos and don‘ts. Buoyancy aids on, Kev & I got into a two-seater sit-in Kayak. (I think you get less wet when you sit in because you get some cover).

I was a bit nervous at first but Bruce soon put me at ease. Within 2 minutes of being in the water, I knew it was going to be a good four hours. It is a perfect adventure to allow you to switch off, relax, have fun and maybe build those muscles depending on how competitive you get.

Bruce let us practice for about 10 minutes, working on turning around and moving left and right. If you want to steer left, paddle right..that is what was going through my mind after being told about 50 times (*oops). The kayak is much more agile than I imagined…it is so easy to manoeuvre left and right and it happens quickly (there were a few over and understeer moments but it was part of the fun).

Team work when paddling helps and you hear yourself going left, right, left ,right to start with. We did have many bumps with the bushes and banks but it just made the experience more of an adventure.

It was the perfect condition for being outdoors. If it had been too hot I think I would have just stopped paddling and enjoyed the views whilst soaking up the sun.

Being in the water was the best way to see wildlife. Ducks, swans, fish and wild horses. We saw so many different birds (some dipping into the water to catch their prey).

Booking a four-hour adventure with Let’s Get Lost is something I recommend especially if you have never done Kayaking before. To calm your nerves you can sign up to the Paddle to the Pub session and have a drink at some lovely countryside pubs before paddling again.
We didn’t get too wet however it is possible so take a change of clothes. Waterproof shoes are also advisable.

At the end of the session Bruce asked us to get off at the bank and put the kayak out. In my head I had a vision of me falling into the water trying to come out but it was not that bad. You quickly know how to get your balance. Also when there are two of you, pulling the kayak isn’t that hard.

The team at Lets Get Lost are flexible and the day can be from 4 to 6 hours. If you are a group and want to start at one end of the River and end up at the last pub, that is possible too.

For team building or just a day out with friends, paddle to the pub is a great idea. The journey is relaxing and you come across some beautiful views on the River Soar. Get outdoors and start your adventure with Let’s Get Lost.

I cannot wait to get back out there. It will let me enjoy nature more and concentrate less on how I am paddling. If the British rivers were a bit warmer I think I would have a go at Stand Up Paddleboarding. It looks like so much fun or even SUP Yoga.

Claim up to £10 off adventures this September (making the experience from £12.5 per hour) !
£10 off Paddle To The Pub – PA10
£10 off Picnic & bubbly – PI10
£5 off Twilight Paddle – TW5
£5 off Explorer – EX5

Website: www.letsgetlostleicester.com
Email: hello@letsgetlostleicester.com
Telephone: +447875683396

Disclaimer [AD]: I was invited to Burleighs Gin to experience the Gin School. All photos and opinions are my own.

12 thoughts on “Outdoor Adventure in Leicester

  1. Fantastic article, Neha! We went kayaking in London for our anniversary last year – such a peaceful and fascinating way to explore a place..

  2. I totally agree, getting outdoors can really help well being. This sounds great and i love that you can see various types of nature. Kayaking sounds like a different activity so not one that people have overdone to be bored of.

  3. The kids would absolutely love this. I’d give it a go but the last time I tried kayaking I took notches out of both thumbs where I hadn’t got the hang of using the paddle. I am not a natural sportswoman!

  4. I am really wanting to have any kind of outdoors adventure right now! We’ve been on lockdown for the longest time! Kayaking is such a lovely activity! If we ever find ourselves in Leicester, I’d sign up for an adventure with Lets Get Lost!

  5. Sounds like you had a fantastic few hours exploring the outdoors with Let’s Get Lost. Leicester is on our list of places to explore next year and will be bookmarking your site as we do want to do more outdoor stuff as a family

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