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Panko Pork Burgers

Panko burger

Who doesn’t love a good burger? Yutaka have a great range of ingredients and condiments to make that perfect loaded barbecued burger at home.




• 2 small red onions

• 2 big garlic cloves

• 500g lean pork mince or any other mince

• 2 tbsp Yutaka Panko Breadcrumbs

• 1 tbsp Yutaka Organic Miso Paste

• 1 tbsp Yutaka BBQ Yakiniku Sauce

• Salt & pepper


• 6 buns

• 3 tbsp mayonnaise

• ½- 1 tsp (depending on taste) Yutaka Wasabi Paste

• 2 Sliced onion rings

• 2 Sliced pepper rings

• 12-15 whole mushrooms (to be sliced once cooked)

• Mixed Salad leaves

• Tomato Ketchup


Bbq, bbq Set and Yutaka bag

  1. Chop onions and garlic in a food processor until fine. Add in breadcrumbs, pork, miso paste and salt and pepper in a food processor until combined. With wet hands shape 6 burgers, cover and chill or BBQ straight away depending on how much time you have.Blitzing all the ingredients
  2. Brush the burgers with BBQ Yakiniku Sauce then place on the barbecue to cook. Coat the mushrooms, onion and pepper rings in light oil and seasoning (I used rapeseed oil and a herb salt). Place on the barbecue to cook.Burgers and vegetables on the bbq
  3. Prepare the wasabi mayonnaise by adding the paste to the mayonnaise and giving it a good stir.
  4. You can toast the buns lightly on the barbecue or have them plain or buttered.
  5. Once the burger and vegetables have cooked, it’s time to stack the it all together.
  6. On half the bun spread a thin layer of the tomato ketchup then add some salad leaves. Stack the burger, a few onions, peppers and sliced mushrooms. Top with wasabi mayonnaise and put the lid on the burger.Stacked burger

The burgers can be served with fries, greens or just on its own.

The panko burgers are soft and have a lovely subtle taste to them. The miso paste seasons the burger well and I would probably add a bit more the next time I make them but that’s because I love the miso flavour.
Burger If you get a chance to make these let me know how you get on.

Until next time its bye from me..

Neha x

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  1. These look and sound delicious. I use panko in a lot of things, from tonkatsu to coating aranciata, I hadn’t thought of using them like this though, will give it a try! Thanks! 🙂

  2. This looks like such a tasty recipe! I love burgers so much as do my family so will definitely be giving this recipe a try

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