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Patri; Indian Train Food

Patri is a new Indian restaurant venture (from the founder and creative director of the Chai Naasto Indian Street Food chain) offering a fun colourful menu inspired by Indian Train Food.

Patri Indian Restaurant

Patri means suburban railway tracks in Urdu and the owner , Puneet Wadhwani, got his  menu inspiration from his childhood days spent travelling on India’s epic railways, and eating the food en route.
Using carefully sourced ingredients and the verre de vin wine system, the focus is on quality and seasonality. So forget street food – 2019 is the year of Indian Train Food!
The restaurant has been designed to give that shabby chic  look which works well. It had a casual environment that is suitable for all occasions.
The bathroom matched the rest of the interior with copper wash basins. I loved their sign too.

Through out the restaurant there were little touches and links to the trains.

To start with there was nice indian melodies playing in the background however this changed to mixed English music which did not quite go with the setting.
The Cutlery and crockery was metal including the water tumblers. There is something special drinking water from a steel tumbler.
The staff were pleasant, happy to help and added to the comforatable setting of the restaurant.
There was a good selection of the menu for different pallets.
Whether you fancy spicy or mild food, Patri has it all. The menu is split between food you find at New Delhi (includes kebabs, chaats and that sensational curry) & Marwar Junction (Home of Rajputana style cooking including) . The food is all competitively priced and portions  are a reasonable size.
On the evening my cousin and I tried a selection of dishes suggested by Surak, who looked after us during the meal.
Old Delhi Pani Puri Bombs: Pani Puri are my favourite and this one was no different. Four wheat balls came on plate with little pots of spiced boiled potatoes, refreshing mint water and a tamarind chutney. The filled puris were bursting with flavour and perfectly spiced.

Cycle Wale Bhaiya Mattar Kulcha: This dish came in a beautifully presented pot. The white peas were cooked in spicy and tangy flavours and topped with  chopped tomatoes, onions, green chilli, coriander leaves and lemon juice. The portion size is a generous because it comes with nice hot soft kulcha flat bread. This can be a main on its own. The spice balance was great on this dish.

Girlfriend Chaat: I liked the sound of this dish but Surak said it was really hot so we decided against it. He did bring us a sample to try and WOW he was not joking!  The menu had three chillies next to this dish and now I know why it’s known as the world’s spiciest chaat for men to consume in order to manifest their love. You know when you come to an authentic Indian restaurant; they mean spice when they say it.
Spicy Chaat

Dahi Gujiya: Gujiyas (dumplings) made with urad dal, roasted cumin powder and grated ginger are fried and topped with a sweet yogurt with spicy mint and tangy tamarind then garnished with  black salt and chilli powder. This texture of the dish was perfect and every spoonful melted away. The flavours were delicate and tasty.

Chatpati Aloo Tikki Chaat :Perfectly cooked Tikkis (potato patties) were served chick peas flavoured with lemon, onions, tomato, pomegranate and topped with tamarind and mint chutney. This Chaat has a great texture and was tasty. The pomegranate just added that nice crunch to the dish too.

Aloo Tikki Chaat

Rara Ghost Lal Mirch: After consuming so many starters we shared a Rara Ghost Lal Mirch. Lamb on the bone is a favourite of mine. This curry was cooked with pieces of lamb and lamb mince too. Served in a rich spicy gravy this curry was full of flavour and delicious.  The lamb was tender and the marrow was so tasty.
We enjoyed the curry with some perfectly cooked Tandoori Roti and Mirchi Garlic Naan.
Kulfi: They have one dessert at Patri and it’s Kulfi. A traditional Indian dessert that is perfect after having a meal bursting with flavours and spices.
I opted for the Pistachio one and my  cousin had the malai one. Just that little sweetness was a treat at the end the meal.
Patri offers a wide range of wine and have a bar with a range of spirits. They also have cocktails and various other soft drinks, not forgetting the all important Chai.
It was happy hour and the porn star martini caught our eyes. At 2 for £10 these were made perfectly and complimented our meal well.
The martini was made in lovely Belvedere glasses and had perfectly combined ingredients.
I would return to Patri &  recommend it too. There is something for everyone and the food is all reasonably priced too.
Are you a fan of Indian Food? Do you like it mild or spicy?


The meal was complimentary however  options are honest and my own. 

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  1. I am a big fan of this kind of food and it looks delicious. I prefer my food spicy as that’s just what I’ve been brought up! Like the idea of how they serve their kulfi too!

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