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Peter Pizzeria DIY Pizza Kit

I have discovered some great DIY kits these past few months. Businesses are trying to give us the whole experience at home but also ensure the quality of the product is still how we remember it.


Leicester has a great Pizzeria, Peter Pizzeria. They have named their kit Peter in the Pan. For £10 (excellent value), the Pizza DIY Kit includes everything you need to make 2, 10inch Margherita sourdough pizzas. You can get the Kit delivered via EatMe (delivery charges apply) or collect it. They still deliver their pizzas via Deliveroo but I wanted to make it at home.

I loved the idea of trying to spin the pizza (fail) to get that perfect base. I ended up following the instructions pressing the dough out with my fingertips. It is so simple yet a lot of fun.


The Kit comes with a booklet that explains every step clearly. The ingredients were all fresh and high quality (They say to use the pia it within a couple of days The sourdough was also soft and ready to use. There was no scrimping on toppings either. In the DIY Pizza Kit, you get 2 dough balls, parmesan, tomato sauce, basil, extra virgin oil, 00 flour & mozzarella. There are a lot of containers but I am not sure how they can prevent this. At least they can be reused.

I added extra toppings of spicy sausage meat, normal sausage & oregano. I was unsure if the base would be undercooked but it was perfect. Never thought cooking a pizza in a pan then under a grill would turn out great.

Each bite was cheesy, tasty, and just how I remember Peter Pizzeria pizzas and it was all ready within 5 minutes. Kev & I enjoyed the experiences of putting the pizza together and tucking into the perfect pizzas.

Have you tried any DIY kits recently?

For more information head over to their website or give them a call.

Peter Pizzeria
9 Welford Place, Leicester, LE1 6ZH

7 thoughts on “Peter Pizzeria DIY Pizza Kit

  1. This sounds fab Neha! I am so impressed with the businesses that have made changes to deliver their services to us at home with kits, boxes etc plus it gives us a chance to be more involved in the process too! These look delicious and how can anyone resist a Peter Pizza?!

  2. Oh wow this is such a great idea! I’d love to make my own pizzas and it’s a great price for sending someone as a gift too

  3. What a great idea and your pizza’s look so delicious! I love how creative and imaginative places have got since lockdown with offer different ways so you can still taste their yummy food!

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