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Potato Chops aka Indian Scotch Egg

I love a good Scotch Egg and it is probably because it reminds me of one of my favorite childhood dishes, POTATO CHOPS. I remember many weekends sitting around with the family tucking into these delicious balls of mince, egg & potatoes. We used to have either with ketchup or green yogurt chutney.

I have never made them but during lockdown I gave them a go with my mums guidance and they went down a treat.

potato chops

Have you ever tried these? It may take a couple of attempts to get the assembly correct but you will get there. You can swap the meat for a vegetarian soya mince.


2 thoughts on “Potato Chops aka Indian Scotch Egg

  1. Ohh even though I’m not a meat eater I must admit I kind a like the sound of these! I’m sure i can substitue them with a veggie based option too. Thanks fo inspiration.

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