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As the restaurants start to open up, I look forward to returning to Pulperia, Aktar Islam’s newest venture. The restaurant opened in March in Brindley Place, Birmingham. The cooking concept is based on Asado, the authentic Argentinian way of barbecuing. This was the last place I ate out at before lockdown and it was a memorable one for sure.

I was wowed as soon as we got to the restaurant, starting with the striking logo. A lot of thought has been put into the whole concept. The interior had a warm ambiance and the decor was on point. A striking bar, several filament bulbs hanging from the wall, a leaf ceiling and gorgeous tinted windows and clean table settings.

We did not have a lot of time and the staff were accommodating throughout with this in mind. The service was delivered with a smile and nothing was too much for them.


We enjoyed a couple of cocktails, picked by the bartender, but I cannot remember the names nor what was in them. All I know is they were strong and made to perfection.
Pulpria’s wine list is extensive and the wines have been picked chosen to accompany the menu.


To start with we shared Gambas, Chorizo & Smoked Octopus.

The wild argentine king prawns were cooked with crushed red pepper and tomato confit, garnished with herbs and served with a charred lemon. The prawns were perfectly cooked and the flavours were on point.

Juicy pork paprika sausages were garnished with heritage tomatoes and chimichurri to make a beautiful starter.

We couldn’t miss the Octopus, aka PULPO, especially as it was smoked and came with a paprika potato fondant, with some chimichurri.


For mains, we had chicken, lamb rack, pork, and steak. We were four of us and could not miss out on trying a variety of meats Pulperia served. Portions were generous and the meats were juicy and cooked to perfection. The meats were of a high quality too. We shared some charred broccoli, cream spinach, and skin-on fries.

POLLO: The golden-brown Cotswold spatchcock was succulent and cooked with garlic & thyme giving it a lot of flavour.
CORDERO: The four bone lamb rack was cooked with malbec, garlic & rosemary and cooked to just right leaving the meat juicy and tasty.
LORCO: The Mangalitza pork loin was not overcooked and juices were flowing through it.
FILLET: Naturally reared, the fillet spoke to itself. It was seasoned and cooked medium rare as requested.

The menu has a good selection and though the focus is on meat, be sure to find vegetarian dishes there.

We did not have time for dessert however the Manjari chocolate fondue and churros sounded so amazing. One I will be having on my return.

Have you tried Argentine cuisine?

Visit their website for more information and get booked into the Michelin chef’s Argentine restaurant, Pulperia.
Address: Unit 3, Brindley Place, Birmingham, B1 2JF
Tel: 0121 546 0594

11 thoughts on “Pulperia

  1. I have not tried Argentine cuisine yet but these dishes you featured in this post all look so divine! I will check if we do have a restaurant in our area that caters to Argentine cuisine. We’d definitely dine there once the community quarantine has been lifted in our place.

  2. Oh this place sounds delicious, I don’t think I’ve eaten Argentinian food before. I will have to visit when I’m next in Birmingham.

  3. I’ve never tried Argentine cuisine but I have been keen to try it as one of my brothers recently raved about a restaurant he had been to in the past. Might have to schedule a visit!

  4. These look delicious, ive only ever eaten an Argentinian dish once and it was very nice, but these all look yummy, great review and looks an excellent place to visit.

  5. I don’t think I’ve tried this cuisine before but it looks tasty, especially the Pollo. And the interior looks stunning x

  6. Oh we actually go Birmingham quite a lot for food but haven’t come across here . Will definitely give it a try next to we are there

  7. The food looks so delicious! I would like to visit this place and taste these dishes someday!

  8. I would love to eat here! I was in Argentina on a trip and honestly, I had the asado every night. Their chorizo sausages are so delicious and I miss their delicious taste so much.

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