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Salted Caramel Choux Buns

I have always been a Choux fan however the filling has to be anything but plain cream. My mum normally fills them with vanilla ice cream and tops them with chocolate sauce. Frozen, these taste amazing and bring back so many childhood memories. I got my mums recipe, made some filled with salted caramel creme patisserie and topped with the finest chocolate mendiants from Cocoa Amore [Gifted]. They turned out a treat.

Making these was so much fun and they were just so scrumptious. As long as you follow the instructions, it is pretty easy to make them.

Choux Buns (approx 12)

• 50 g butter
• 150 ml water
• 65g plain flour
• 2 beaten eggs
1) Get all the ingredients ready
2) Melt butter and water in a pan and bring to boil
3) Remove the pan from heat once the mixture starts to boil
4) Quickly add flour and beat to form smooth paste with a wooden spoon
5) Leave for 1-2 mins to cool
6) Add in beaten eggs a bit at a time and beat vigorously until you get a smooth glossy mix (about 6-8 mins)
7) Line a tray with grease proof paper. Dampen it lightly by sprinkling water on it.
8) Either spoon or pipe the mixture into eclair shapes or choux buns
9) Bake in a preheated oven at 200 degrees for 15 minutes, then reduce the hear to 190 degrees and bake for another 15-20 minutes until golden brown

Salted Caramel Creme Patisserie (enough for 8 buns)

• 110ml of milk
• 60ml of double cream
• 50g of granulated sugar
• 3 egg yolks
• 16g of cornflour
• 30g of butter
• 1 1/2 tsp vanilla essence
1) Put 1 tablespoon of the sugar in a medium bowl out of
the 50g for later
2) Heat a heavy base saucepan on medium and simmer
the milk, cream, the rest of the sugar and a tiny pinch
of salt to a simmer. Ensure you give it a couple of stirs
to make sure it is not sticking to the bottom of the pan
3) While the mixture is heating, add the yolks to the
1 tbls sugar and whisk until creamy
4) Add in cornflour and whisk until well combined
5) Once the milk mixture starts to simmer, remove
from heat, let it cool for a minute and gradually
whisk in the yolks. Ensure you keep whisking to
ensure the egg doesn’t scramble. Once combined
return to low/medium heat
6) Keep stirring the mixture and ensure it does
not stick to the bottom of the pan. It will start to
thicken and bubble in about 1-2 minutes
7) Switch off the heat and add in the chilled butter
until well incorporated
8) Add in the vanilla essence and salted caramel
sauce until the caramel melts
9) The mixture may look a bit scrambled. That is fine.
You now need to put it through a sieve to remove any
lumps and make it smooth
10) Store in the fridge (with cling film touching the
cream to avoid it forming a layer


Slice the Choux Bun in half (across). Pipe some chilled salted caramel creme patisserie into one half. Cover the bun. Melt some good quality chocolate in the microwave. Spread a layer on the Choux Bun. You can leave them with just the chocolate or to create a more dramatic finish. I used the salted caramel mendiants from Cocoa Amore. Store in the fridge and take out about 5 minutes before indulging.

Are you a Choux fan? What would be your ideal filling?


Disclaimer [AD]: This is a paid post in conjunction with Comte.

7 thoughts on “Salted Caramel Choux Buns

  1. Salted caramel is one of my favourite fillings so I definitely need to give these choux buns a try – they look delicious!

  2. I love choux buns but not made them in such a long time, I have always filled them with cream and topped with chocolate but these salted caramel addition sounds really delicious

  3. I love choux buns but never been brave enough to make them myself. Bet they taste delicious

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