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There are some amazing restaurant kits around which definitely enable us to get that great quality in the comfort of our own home. So many of us miss eating out and need a break from cooking.

The Home kits vary in price and delivery is something that sways us from buying some of the kits. I understand that postage costs a lot however when £14 for delivery especially for kits that are less than £40 can amount to a lot.

We found Stein At Home reasonable and the thought of fresh seafood was a seller for us. American Express also had £10 off for their home kits which was a bonus.

Stein at Home

We opted for The Indonesian Curry Menu. We had a confirmation when the order was placed and the day before the delivery we received tracking information.

The order came on time and was all packed well. Packaging was kept to a minimum and was ideal for keeping the produce fresh. Steins at home was a whole experience starting with the branded box.

Overall the meal was great value. Portion sizes were reasonable if not generous especially the mussels and seafood. We found the instructions provided on the back of the menu were much easier to follow than the video ones.

We did not have to add any of our own ingredients, including the wine. The home kit came with a 75cl bottle of Sauvignon Blanc to enjoy while cooking and use for the mussels. The food was not too technical to make either and the most each course took was less than 10 minutes. This made the meal more enjoyable because we did not stress about making each course.

Moules mariniére: The box of mussels had instructions on how to check the good mussels. There was a lush flavoured onion butter and wine to cook the mussels. The box had a bunch of parsley too to top the mussels. The quality of the mussels were of a high standard-  No grit and the correct consistency. What we could have done is had moules frites one day and the curry the next because the sauce was so yummy and portion great. 

Indonesian seafood curry:The seafood was all fresh and there was a mixture of cod, prawns and seabass. The Indonesian paste had great flavour to it. I wish there was a bit more of it because the coconut cream masked a lot of the spice of the curry. 

There was a side of green beans that came with a beautiful sauce, desiccated coconut and fried onions. 
There was a bag of rice that was easy to cook too and was the right texture. 

Passion fruit Eton mess: Two big amazing meringues came in the box along with Roddas double cream, vanilla sugar and two passion fruits. The meringue was baked to perfection. Paired with the passion and cream this was a lovely twist on the normal Eton Mess. 

We had some left over for the next day too.
Check out more of their selection on the Stein’s At Home website.